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Tech Leaders who Broke the Internet in 2022

Craziest Tech Leaders who Broke the Internet with their Bizarre Actions and Technically Tumbled in 2022

From decades of relevance to instant mediocrity. Whatever happened?! You may have heard the bizarre news about a number of Tech Leaders who were involved in a variety of turmoil last year. These tech leaders include Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and more.

The CEOs of Meta and Amazon recently let go a large number of employees, while Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, exposed his incompetence to the public through Twitter’s poor management. As if that weren’t bad enough, Sam Bankman-fried became well-known for unfavorable reasons. Elizabeth Holmes was also given a prison term of more than ten years.

However, who among these craziest Tech Leaders went ‘bonkers’ in 2022?

Elon Musk 

Since the ‘once-upon-a-time’ world tech genius officially announced its acquisition, Twitter has seen a lot of dramatic activities. The first step Musk did was to fire a portion of the Twitter staff, which sparked a flurry of responses from different internet users all over the world. Then a few journalists who had made comments that were somewhat at odds with Elon Musk’s arrogant ego had their Twitter accounts shut. Elon then decided that some social media platforms’ links to Twitter should be banned, as if that weren’t enough. How messy?!

Elon’s reputation suffered as a result of all these sagas, which also negatively impacted Tesla, his parent business. Tesla’s stock fell to the 11th worst spot in the S&P 100 ranking in 2022, in addition to other factors that contributed to its stock decline. Additionally, Twitter app performance has been thrown off, from the app not working properly to the app being briefly unavailable for users to continue enjoying the experience of browsing through the latest trending Twitter news and other dramatic Twitter trends.

What could possibly have gone wrong? Could the public believe this Tech Leader was misguided? Were his ideas for running Twitter misdirected? Was he overconfident when assuming ownership of Twitter?  Or is it just the ups and downs of the tech industry?

Mark Zuckerberg

When people or things change, they either change for the worse or for the better. One of the list’s craziest tech leaders, Mark Zuckerberg, was once a young tech genius, but the progression of his brilliance has gone in a different path, leaving tech admirers wondering, “What’s going on?”

You may remember when Mark announced the rebranding of Facebook and the app’s acceleration into the Metaverse, a made-up, goggle-reliant universe where, until recently, individuals lacked legs. Within a year, Meta’s revenue had drastically declined due to all these changes and Mark’s proclamations regarding virtual reality.

In February 2022, the corporation lost some sales that were drawn in for the wrong reasons. Meta experienced the largest single-day stock fall in American history, losing $230 billion. No business has ever experienced such a fall on a national level. As a result, Mark had 11,000 Meta employees relieved of their tasks in the same year.

Still in February 2022, Meta’s user base decreased. According to others, using Facebook today is similar to touring the “Pompeii ruins.” Today, a significant number of individuals are focusing on TikTok, one of the most famous social media platforms in the globe.

Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is one of the Tech Leaders who has announced workforce reductions. The New York Times confirmed his news of layoffs when it stated that 10,000 Amazon positions would be cut. 

Bezos appeared on CNN to declare his intention to give away a portion of his wealth over his lifetime in an effort to clear up his reputation, which had already gained a little bit of tainted attention from the public. The portion of his wealth equaled $124 billion. Bezos claims that these donations are made for the benefit of the world, not to improve his reputation.

Many people speculate that Bezos’ disgruntled attitude, which he had developed after hearing about his ex-financial wife’s success and her headline-grabbing humanitarian contributions, may have motivated him to make the decision. Although it may appear to be a selfless deed, there is no obvious effect on his life.

Bezos received a standing ovation for his space flight in 2022 and was hailed as a global celebrity, but upon his return to Earth, he remarked that “the voyage seemed like a funeral.” Someone who was eager to travel to space shouldn’t have said this, right? He ought to have returned chanting the trip’s praises. But what is space travel like? Only Bezos and other space travelers could provide accurate commentary.

To further damage Bezos’ reputation, “he is aiming to conquer your living room. Recently, one of his own staff members told Insider that the company’s voice assistant, Alexa, was “a tremendous lack of imagination.” Bezos’ “pet project” is being ripped.”

Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes fulfilled her desire by feigning to create a really innovative technology and earn a billion dollars from it. Did she really believe that she could continue to manage a business that defrauded investors about a supposedly ground-breaking blood-testing technology without getting in trouble with the law? She was mistaken if such were the case. 

The 20th founding anniversary of her company was in 2022. This self-elevated tech leader was arrested for her shady dealings in this particular year. She tried to prove her innocence and get away with it, but the court pronounced her guilty and gave her an 11-year prison sentence.

Sam Bankman-Fried

Bankman-Fried, a self-described “effective altruist” and one of the wealthiest individuals in the cryptocurrency industry at one point, is the creator and former CEO of the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

A few weeks later, following the downfall of his cryptocurrency business, Bankman-Fried was apprehended in the Bahamas and accused of committing “one of the greatest financial frauds in American history.”

The positive aspect of Bankman-Fried is that he assumed full responsibility for the failure of his worshipful venture. But could his experience with tech failure be worse than Holmes’? Readers will decide.

These are a few tech industry CEOs who made headlines online for their despicable behavior in 2022. Other tech leaders who did not appear in our list of the craziest tech leaders in 2022 did not outperform the four.

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