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Category: Fintech

African Startups on SBV collapse

African Startups

“Funding Fallout: How the SVB Collapse is Impacting African Startups” Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has been a key banking partner for many African startups in recent  years, providing critical financial services to support their growth…
SBV Collapse

SVB Collapse

Lessons Learned from the SVB (silicon valley bank) Collapse: What Startups can take Away Silicon Valley Bank was once a shining example of success in the startup world, providing crucial funding and support to some…
Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank – SBV

Silicon Valley Bank’s Failure: A Wake-Up Call for the Financial Industry Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has been a prominent player in the financial industry since its inception in  1983. The bank made a name for…
Digital Payment - PayPal

Digital Payment Industry and PayPal’s Dominance

Beyond PayPal: Exploring Alternative Digital Payment Solution In the digital age, digital payments have become increasingly prevalent, with cash  transactions steadily declining. In particular, PayPal has been one of the dominant  players in the digital…
fintech marketing

Fintech Marketing

Leveraging Fintech Marketing for Financial Growth: How to be on Top of the Game Fintech marketing has become an essential component of financial growth for businesses operating in the rapidly evolving financial technology industry. In…
Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fintech and IT Industries

Rising to New Heights: Hong Kong’s Thriving Fintech and IT Industries Hong Kong is home to a large number of fintech companies that have emerged  in recent years. These companies offer a wide range of…