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edtech funding

Edtech Funding in Pakistan

Maqsad’s Edtech Funding: A Game-Changer for Pakistan’s Education System Introduction to Maqsad’s Edtech Funding Maqsad’s Edtech Funding is a significant development in Pakistan’s education system. The investment of $2.1 million in this Pakistani Edtech startup…
African Startups on SBV collapse

African Startups

“Funding Fallout: How the SVB Collapse is Impacting African Startups” Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has been a key banking partner for many African startups in recent  years, providing critical financial services to support their growth…
Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation

Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation

The Rise of Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation: A Major Player in the Global  Energy Industry Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation is a state-owned oil and gas company in Algeria. The  company was founded in 1963, shortly after Algeria…
Bing GPT 4

Bing GPT 4

Introducing Microsoft’s Latest Breakthrough: The Bing GPT-4 Are you tired of outdated and ineffective search engines? Well, Microsoft has got you covered! With their latest breakthrough technology, the Bing GPT-4,  they have completely revolutionised the…
nonprofit sector

Nonprofit Sector

“Transforming the Nonprofit Sector: Why Information Technology is Vital for the Future of  Social Impact”  The nonprofit sector has always played a vital role in serving various communities. From  addressing social issues to providing humanitarian…
5G Modem

5G Modem by Apple

Why Apple’s Decision to Develop It’s Own 5G Modem is a Game Changer Qualcomm Chief Cristiano Amon told CNBC he accepts Apple won’t involve its 5G modems in the following year’s iPhones. Qualcomm dropped somewhat of…
banking systems

Banking Systems

The State of Banking Systems: Are They Facing an Impending Collapse? The global banking industry has been the backbone of the global economy for centuries, providing financial services to individuals, businesses, and governments alike. However,…
SBV Collapse

SVB Collapse

Lessons Learned from the SVB (silicon valley bank) Collapse: What Startups can take Away Silicon Valley Bank was once a shining example of success in the startup world, providing crucial funding and support to some…
Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank – SBV

Silicon Valley Bank’s Failure: A Wake-Up Call for the Financial Industry Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has been a prominent player in the financial industry since its inception in  1983. The bank made a name for…