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Category: Automotive Industry

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S vs Model X

Why Now is the Best Time to Buy a Tesla Model S or Model X Tesla has been revolutionizing the automotive industry with its line of electric vehicles, and two of its most iconic models,…
Afeela EV

Afeela EV Sedan

What makes Afeela EV more Distinct to Apple EV The biggest four-wheeled enigma in the world has been Apple’s Project Titan for almost ten years. But now Afeela EV seem to rise and go way…
EV price

EV Price Battle

How Tesla is Leveraging Profits in the EV Price ‘Battle’? Contrasted with its global rivals, Tesla gets additional profits from every vehicle it sells. Elon Musk presently anticipates involving this higher profits as a weapon…

EVs During Winter Season

Is it advisable to use electric cars, EVs, in winter? Electric cars, EVs, are powered by an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine. This makes them much more efficient and environmentally friendly. Electric motors…
hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen fuel can now be Produced from Sunlight What is hydrogen fuel?  Hydrogen and energy components (FCs) are normally viewed as indistinguishable on the grounds that, among FCs, hydrogen fuel FCs have the best presentation…

Mercedes Self-Driving Tech

Mercedes’ Self-Driving Tech Allows Cars to Change Lanes and Overtake Automatically The German carmaker Mercedes–Benz can deploy sophisticated autonomous driving systems on its roads following successful completion of a self-certification procedure, according to the Nevada…

Afeela, New Electric Car Brand

Afeela EV Car: Honda and Sony duo Officially Confirmed their New Electric Car Brand Sony Honda Mobility Inc. has finally unveiled its first new car EV automobile. The Afeela concept EV sedan was introduced at…

BMW Color-changing Vehicle

BMW recently Launched Color-changing Vehicle The latest effort by automakers to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their vehicles is the unveiling of a color-changing chameleon i Vision Dee automobile by BMW. The German carmaker said that…
automotive industry

Automotive Industry might Face Challenges in 2023

Here are the reasons why 2023 might be challenging year for automotive industry The automotive industry will stay helpless against worldwide headwinds in 2023, including the energy emergency, more slow worldwide interest and proceeded with…