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Afeela EV

Afeela EV Sedan

What makes Afeela EV more Distinct to Apple EV

The biggest four-wheeled enigma in the world has been Apple’s Project Titan for almost ten years. But now Afeela EV seem to rise and go way beyond Apple EV capabilities. How would an Apple Car appear? Why would a consumer electronics business enter the auto industry? Who would construct it, and how would they market it? And what would that imply for the car industry’s ongoing electric and digital transformation? The Apple EV is still a complete mystery today. Sony, not Apple, has, however, come into prominence as the tech behemoth that may have found out how to put rubber on the road. 

The Japanese electronics and media behemoth is teaming up with Honda to create a new electric car, Afeela EV, beginning in 2026. The EV will probably be made at Honda’s American factories to take advantage of the new electric vehicle tax credit rules. For in-car entertainment, it will mainly rely on subscription services and Sony’s vast catalogue of video games and multimedia products. If these technologies can develop to the point where they eventually serve consumers, these services might launch while drivers and passengers wait for the electric vehicle to charge or when self-driving car capabilities are implemented.

Afeela EV


Executives who talked to The Verge believe they’ll be in it for the long haul, not just as a trial run, when that joint venture of what is now known as Sony Honda Mobility hits the market in three years. Yasuhide Mizuno, the company’s CEO, told reporters at CES that he was thinking of leasing for up to 10 years, which is far longer than the typical automobile lease today thanks to frequent over-the-air software updates and feature upgrades. Izumi Kawanishi, COO of Sony Honda Mobility, stated in an interview with The Verge that “if we sell the car ourselves, we have to support it for 10 years, which is a very long period to supply our services.” In general, it’s a long-term endeavour. Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV.

Kawanishi also made it quite clear why Sony is entering the car sector: to pursue a novel business strategy that has the potential to revolutionise the sector. The software is crucial, according to Kawanishi. “We must improve our software engineering. This makes it possible for us to provide upcoming mobility services. The firm must transition from hardware to software. This has been in the works for a while at Sony. Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV. The Vision S idea, which was presented at the same event in 2020 before Honda became engaged in the project, evolved into the Afeela prototype that was displayed at CES. In 2022, a concept seven-seater SUV was introduced.

The most recent prototype is a sleek electric car with Lucid Air styling. It has all-wheel drive, full-width in-dash screens, 45 sensors and cameras for partially autonomous driving assistance, and gestures at incorporating augmented reality and “virtual worlds” into the driving experience. As a result, it appears that Sony’s debut in the vehicle industry puts it in direct competition with some of the largest names in the premium EV market. Unquestionably, the name “Afeela” is difficult to pronounce, and after its CES debut earlier this month, it became the target of public ridicule on social media. This joint venture not only has to win over new clients, but it also has a lot of obstacles to overcome over the next three years as the electric car industry expands quickly. Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV.

Afeela is also indicating a certain level of maturity in the EV sector, as genuine, legitimate businesses are now vying to control the automobiles of the future, which will be characterised by software-driven features, subscription services, and data. Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV. This might open up a completely new market and several income streams for Sony, which already has a significant presence in entertainment media and the devices we use it with. This is possible thanks to Honda’s manufacturing prowess. 

Auto industry analyst Jessica Caldwell, who serves as Edmunds’ chief insights officer, said, “It’s absolutely fascinating.” “These are companies that are very well-known in their industries, and as more autonomous capabilities are added, I think it will be crucial to go forward to build customer confidence in these cars.” Despite not being as aesthetically appealing as the Tesla Model S when it first appeared, he said that the Afeela car seemed to be more focused on its passengers’ requirements than anything else. For more over ten years, Caldwell claimed, “we’ve been talking about autos migrating into a virtual living room.” Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV. It appears that people are paying more attention to the features of the automobile and what it can do for them, rather than the design of the car itself.

Serious players

Tesla has become the exception rather than the rule in the EV and automotive startup industries, which are becoming more and more similar. Making automobiles is challenging. Consumers and industry observers have all assumed during the previous ten years that manufacturing problems, outrageous promises made by founders, and outright fraud are the norm in the world of car startups. Numerous businesses may be dismissed as vaporware until well-known automakers like General Motors and BMW lately began taking electric vehicles more seriously. Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV.

Sony and Honda cannot be compared in that way. Una is one of the biggest music, television, and film production corporations in the world as well as the biggest electronics firm in Japan. It also leads the console gaming industry. The other is among the biggest automakers in the world, and it has a well-deserved reputation for dependability and quality. Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV. According to Tyson Jominy, vice president of analytics and data at automotive research group JD Power, “on the surface, it’s about two of Japan Inc.’s best-known and well-known corporations joining together in their respective sectors.” “Magic will probably happen when you mix a consumer electronics firm with autos,”

Honda is renowned for its exceptional build quality, according to Jominy. One of the major automobile firms was definitely a great partner for [Sony] to work with. The Afeela launch party at CES obviously had a Sony-show vibe rather than a Honda-show one. In addition to a broader points highlighted that included a first glimpse at Neill Blomkamp’s Gran Turismo movie and accessibility-focused gaming controllers for those with mobility impairments, Sony managed the communication surrounding the automobile, interacted with media, and debuted it. Yasuhide Mizuno, a former top Honda official, is still the company’s chief executive, although it is still a 50-50 company. Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV.

Honda has a lot of winning potential. Japanese businesses seldom take the EV market seriously. In the field of battery-electric cars, companies like Honda, Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan terribly behind their American, European, and South Korean rivals. The Prologue crossover, which will be Honda’s first really contemporary electric car, will be on sale next year, but even it will be built on GM’s Ultium EV technology rather than its own. Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV. Afeela is a component of a chance for Honda to catch up. According to Automotive News, the Sony-Honda vehicle would run on a new all-electric Honda platform called e:Architecture. At the same time as Afeela is introduced, the Japanese manufacturer will also introduce a comparable electric vehicle under its own name. 

According to Jominy, Honda is essentially asking a consumer to help them pay for their own EV development and catch up. “It’s clear that Japanese manufacturers are hesitant to seriously enter the [EV] industry. However, I believe they understand that is where things are headed. In addition to gaining a trusted partner in Honda, Sony also gains a company with a substantial US manufacturing base, since practically every Honda and Acura sold in the US is now also produced there. Since Honda is already building a $4.4 billion battery facility in Ohio, Sony would be able to benefit from recent modifications made possible by the Reduction of Inflation Act, which allows for the largest EV tax advantages. Till the plant opens, Jominy added, “If you look at Tesla, Rivian, and others, where they truly struggle is in manufacturing.” Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV.

Why does Sony want to make a car?

Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV. Although Sony and Honda are powerful companies, building them is difficult. Profit margins are low, costs are high, production is challenging, and sales strategies differ from nation to nation. However, according to employees from Sony Honda Mobility who talked with The Verge, the automotive industry is considered as the next logical step for Sony’s media business, opening the door for it to soon provide movies, music, TV shows, and games in automobiles. According to Kawanishi, “We discovered that we could construct a more transportable entertainment place, like a living room, in the shape of a car.” “The Walkman and PlayStation have already been delivered. Another area for us is the mobility sector.

According to Kawanishi, Sony is also working on cloud systems for the automotive industry. The business unveiled capabilities including customised user settings saved in the cloud, autonomous app remote driving technologies, and the capacity to access streaming games from a distance last year. From Sony’s standpoint, this seems like complete user integration, Jominy added, from the user’s house to their place of employment to their vehicle and everything in between. It is now an addition that enables us to transport our portable personal existence. Kawanishi claimed that Sony has explored working with a number of automakers but would not name them. Afeela may have had no intention to operate an Apple vehicle, but given how the 2020 Vision S concept will likely appear, it’s highly plausible that your internal planning is in line with it. Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV. (A spokeswoman for Sony Honda Mobility declined to openly address whether Sony’s product was intended to be a rival.)

The digital future of cars?

Jominy claimed that even though he is aware of the desired business models shared by the partners, he still sees possible barriers to Afeela’s success. In the auto industry, three years is a considerable amount of time. For the upcoming few years, 20 to 25 new EV models will be released annually, other companies are learning how to enter the market, and China is also attempting to penetrate the US market. Although it’s far from certain, one would anticipate [Afeela] to succeed in some capacity. There are several warnings and potential events by 2026. The concept nevertheless indicates a lot about where the auto industry is going to go next, and not even about basic stuff like in-car gaming, regardless of whether Sony Honda Mobility can carry this off, which is far from assured. Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV.

Afeela Cars is focused on longer-term lease and financing terms, and owners paying for different upgrades and amenities during the life of the vehicle. It is not about earning money from single car sales or dealerships making money from repairs. Jominy asserted that he saw the shift to subscription features as “inevitable,” particularly in light of the fact that, in order for their vehicles to qualify for tax advantages under the Inflation Mitigation Act, automakers are required to abide by pricing limitations. Automakers might counteract this by keeping basic car costs the same but introducing extra options that drivers would eventually have to pay for. According to Kawanishi, it operates just how the cell phone industry does right now. He said, “It’s like the smartphone business.” Afeela EVs are superior to Apple EV. The mobility business should switch to a paradigm like this since hardware isn’t really the key.

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