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Category: Economics

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Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation

Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation

The Rise of Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation: A Major Player in the Global ¬†Energy Industry Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation is a state-owned oil and gas company in Algeria. The¬† company was founded in 1963, shortly after Algeria…
Microsoft 4% stake

Microsoft 4% Stake in a 10-year Deal

Microsoft will invest 4% of its equity in the London Stock Exchange Group as part of a Strategic Cloud Computing Technology Partnership that will last for 10 years   In a multi-billion strategic cloud partnership…
Singapores Economy

Singapores Economy

Singapore’s Economic Growth and Sustainability Singapores Economy Singapores economy is a highly developed and diversified free-market economy that is heavily reliant on exports, particularly in electronics, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. The country has consistently ranked…