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Our website development services enable us to produce a broad spectrum of web-based products while providing an excellent online user experience. We have several forms of web-based solutions that may appear identical on a superficial level, but the strategy we take is unique, and we uncover the aspects that are succeeding in each scenario.

Our Website Development Services

Web Portals

We deal with web portals for a variety of audiences, including e-commerce consumers, sellers, customers, and business partners. Our web portals automatically combine data from business systems, making them a source of current information and assistance for users.


We’ve built websites for over 200 enterprises, non-profit groups, and governments to utilize for corporate exhibition and brand development. We guarantee that the websites we design have simple page editors for dynamic content management.


With over a decade of experience in ecommerce development, we have expanded our expertise from entry-level shops and startups to specialized ecommerce solutions suited for large-scale and high-growth businesses. We improve corporate productivity by implementing functional microservice architectures and enable high automation of all business processes.

Web Apps

We developed web-based apps that provide solutions for the effective management of various corporate tasks. We use clever automation to optimize procedures and connect corporate apps for seamless operation.

What Constitutes Our Team for Website Development

Stone Age Technologies SIA prioritizes quality in all of its website development services. Our security management program protects your website from cyber attacks and data breaches.

We build web apps by analyzing the target population and planning simple, rapid, and seamless user experiences. Our UI designers team up to cover the interface with a captivating interface.

Our project managers will focus on your target audience’s demands while doing requirements engineering and defining the solution’s scope. These project managers also serve as mediators between company executives and the IT team, ensuring that all parties engaged remain on the same page.

To ensure that the business logic being implemented is realistic and comprehensive, our architects create all functional components and select the appropriate technology. They also map out the API connections between the web solution and other platforms.

Our front-end developers make sure every interface element runs correctly and successfully executes any design concept. We use JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, and Next.

Our back-end developers will properly integrate your web app’s business logic on the back end. We use well-established frameworks such as.NET, Java, Python, and Node.js, PHP, and Go provide rapid and high-quality code.

We provide APIs for integrating your web app with business or third-party platforms and services. App integration allows for quick data synchronization between platforms.

Our team of proficient testing experts will guarantee that your web solution operates quickly, smoothly, securely, and with ease.

We provide flash modifications within 24 hours to avoid or repair any issues with usage, technology, or code that may develop. We help you ensure that your web app is highly available and functions properly.

We provide guidance on maintaining web-based software to ensure that it is effective, competitive in the market, and meets all of your changing business needs. We are able to release critical updates in a matter of days and introduce new, pre-planned functional modules every three to six weeks thanks to our well-established DevOps methods.

website development services

How we make sure that our website development projects are successful

Web Development Services

Aside from our technological skills, several aspects impact our project’s success and software quality. Our teams take each of them seriously. Please go through the explanations of the methods and techniques we use to provide web development services. The descriptions include target, quality, timeline, and budget;

We outline our methodology for requirements engineering, feasibility analysis, and scoping. We discuss our practices for managing scope changes and preventing scope creep.

In order to illustrate the various aspects that go into cost estimation, we share sample top-down and bottom-up estimates along with summaries of our best practices for cost optimization.

We list the software quality and project health KPIs that our team uses, highlight the controls that guide our management system, and go over the quality controls that are unique to each stage of the software development life cycle.


We provide an overview of our collaborative flow, from planning to success measurement to continuous improvement. We also explain the tactical communication modes and cooperation technologies we utilize.

We outline the extent of our cyber security efforts as well as the system management procedures we use while working on new projects.

We provide sample software documents we deliver across different stages of development, as well as a detailed overview of our information management and migration processes.

Behind the Numbers: Exploring Our Impressive Track Record

The phrase “Numbers never lie” has been used time and time again, and when it comes to our track record, the numbers speak for themselves. We have successfully completed over 100 website projects, resulting in increased online visibility and higher conversion rates for our clients.

Our team of experienced developers and designers is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies, ensuring that your website will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

100+ Website Projects Completed

20+ Certified Developers

97% Client Retention

3+ Years in the Industry

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