Flexible Staffing Solution Tailor-made for Your Business

With the constant evolution of the business industry and its workforce, your company will require credible assistance from experts to stay competitive. A flexible staffing solution can help take care of that.

A wave in your company’s workload as a result of numerous new orders will necessitate the hiring of contract employees for short periods of time. Your company may also require the assistance of a staffing solutions provider to temporarily fill in some positions if your in-house
staff requires sick leave or a temporary break to care for a sick family member. What’s more, your company may be compelled to outsource its services to flexible staffing solution providers due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Stone Age Technologies SIA provides flexible, end-to-end staffing solutions, including but not limited to contract staffing, payroll services, and more, for your workforce planning.

The committed team of recruiters at Stone Age Technologies SIA operates in various time zones, enabling us to find workers around-the-clock for positions that would either be on-site or require remote work.

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Flexible staffing solution

Reach your entire market today with the help of Stone Age Technologies and take your business to new heights!

Flexible staffing solution

Contract Staffing

For a more desirable business outcome, integrate your strong team with our contract staffing solution. To expedite important projects and meet deadlines while enhancing workplace
performance, simply hire our experienced consultants or a team of experts on an hourly basis.


Fully utilize our contract-to-hire option to have the opportunity to assess talent before committing. Before making the decision to hire a consultant permanently, you have the opportunity to assess their work.

Flexible staffing solution
Flexible staffing solution

Payroll Services

Save yourself the headache of dealing with payroll for your temporary employee issue. We take on the duty of managing their payroll administration, withholdings, direct deposit, and more when you hire our consultant.

To Hire a Temporary Talent