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Category: Green Technology

Green Technology in Construction

Green Technology in Construction

“Building a Sustainable Future: The Transformative Power of Green Technology in  Construction” Did you know that Sustainable construction, a concept gaining significant attention in recent  years due to the increasing awareness of the environmental impacts…
sustainable tech startup

Sustainable Tech Startup

Sustainable Tech Startup: Pioneer in the fight against Climate Change Sustainable Tech Startup The Intergovernmental Board on Environmental Change (IPCC) as of late delivered its hotly anticipated 6th evaluation report, generally viewed as the most…
middle east

Middle East and Green Technology

Is the Middle East in terms of Green energy revolution the big oil companies of the world? The current state of the Middle East in terms of Green energy  For a really long time, Middle…

Europe, China on Green Technology Revolution

Why Europe and China are Racing for the Green Technology Revolution Europe plans to fight for its place in the clean energy race.  The president of the European Commission (Europe), Ursula von der Leyen, declared…
Green Technology

The Idea of Green Technology in Modern World

There’s a general pattern towards environmentalism across all areas. Whether this implies cafés forbidding plastic straws, progressing to clean energy sources, or buying carbon balances, society has seen an increase in manageability. As of late, …