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Category: Asia IT Industry

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Australia IT Industry

12 Fascinating Facts About Australia’s Thriving IT Industry and Top Web Developing Companies  Australia’s IT industry has been thriving for many years and continues to grow at a rapid pace.  The country has a strong…
Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fintech and IT Industries

Rising to New Heights: Hong Kong’s Thriving Fintech and IT Industries Hong Kong is home to a large number of fintech companies that have emerged  in recent years. These companies offer a wide range of…
New Zealand

New Zealand IT Industry

How the IT industry in New Zealand is helping Businesses Grow New Zealand has a high level computerized framework, positioning in the best 20 nations all around the world for network inclusion, 5G sending, and…

Japanese IT Industry

Everything you need to Know about Japanese IT Industry The Japanese government has advised citizens to voluntarily abstain from going out or attending group gatherings needlessly in order to control the worldwide coronavirus pandemic that…

China and the West Information Technology

Cross Road between China and the West in the age of Information Technology In terms of science and technology, China was formerly ranked first. However, the China’s expertise and reputation in this field have decreased…