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Category: Machine Learning

Visual Positioning System

Visual Positioning System

Seeing the Unseen: The Potential Applications of Visual Positioning System Visual Positioning System for Indoor Navigation and Localization  The term “Visual Positioning System” (VPS) is relatively new, and it refers to a technology that  uses…
data maturity

Data Maturity

“From Chaos to Control: Implementing Data Maturity for Digital  Transformation”  Data maturity is a measure of how well an organization can leverage its data  assets to achieve business goals. It is a critical factor for…
computer science

Computer Science and Big Data

Big Data and Its Impact on Computer Science Big Data has revolutionized the way we collect, process, and analyse information, and has become a critical area of study in the field of Computer Science. With…
natural voice experience

Natural Voice Experience

Why Creating Natural Voice Experience a Challenge for Developers? Natural voice experiences are a priority for app developers seeking to provide more seamless and intuitive interactions for users. However, creating a natural voice experience poses…