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Top IT Solution Business

Top IT Solution Business

Top 40 IT Solution Businesses in New Zealand

Introduction: The Importance of IT Solution Business in New Zealand
In today’s digital era, IT Solution Businesses play an instrumental role in driving growth and innovation in New Zealand. These businesses are integral to the country’s economic fabric, enabling businesses across all sectors to operate efficiently, innovate, and compete globally. They provide crucial services, from cloud computing and data management to cybersecurity, AI, and IoT solutions. The importance of IT Solution Businesses in New Zealand cannot be overstated. They have not only transformed traditional industries but also created opportunities for new types of businesses to flourish. As technology continues to advance, the demand for sophisticated IT solutions in New Zealand is predicted to rise exponentially. By leveraging these IT Solution Businesses, New Zealand is poised to become a prominent player in the global digital economy. These businesses will continue to be the backbone of New Zealand’s digital transformation, playing a critical role in shaping the nation’s future.

  • Datacom Group – Datacom Group, a pioneering IT Solution Business from New Zealand, is celebrated for delivering comprehensive IT services to a global clientele. They stand out in the industry for their exceptional software engineering and application management capabilities. With a commitment to innovation and technical excellence, Datacom Group helps businesses navigate the digital landscape, driving performance and productivity to new heights.
  • Xero – Based in New Zealand, Xero is a leading IT Solution Business offering groundbreaking cloud-based accounting software. They streamline financial management for businesses worldwide, transforming traditional accounting practices with their user-friendly, intuitive platform. With Xero, businesses can easily track their finances, making smart, data-driven decisions that fuel growth and success.
  • Orion Health – Orion Health is a frontrunner in the healthcare technology sector in New Zealand. They develop creative and modern IT solutions with the aim to revolutionize patient care. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights, Orion Health’s solutions enable healthcare providers to deliver more efficient, personalized care, leading to better health outcomes.
  • Vend – Vend, a standout IT Solution Business from New Zealand, is recognized for its retail Point of Sale (POS) software and inventory management tools. Their comprehensive solutions enhance efficiency for global businesses, streamlining sales, stock control, and customer loyalty initiatives. With Vend, retailers can effortlessly manage their operations, leading to improved customer experiences and business growth.
  • Pushpay – Pushpay sets itself apart among New Zealand’s IT Solution Businesses by offering a unique digital giving platform tailored for churches and non-profit organizations. Their innovative solution facilitates seamless and secure donations, fostering generosity and community support. By simplifying the donation process, Pushpay helps organizations achieve their fundraising goals and drive their mission forward.
  • Fronde Systems Group – Fronde Systems Group, a distinguished IT Solution Business in New Zealand, focuses on cloud computing. They provide pivotal IT services that fuel business innovation and growth. With their expertise in cloud solutions, Fronde Systems Group enables businesses to adopt flexible, scalable IT infrastructures, enhancing agility and operational efficiency.
  • EROAD – EROAD, an innovative IT Solution Business in New Zealand, excels in delivering superior fleet management and electronic tax reporting services. They offer state-of-the-art solutions that improve operational efficiency across numerous industries. EROAD’s advanced telematics technology helps businesses manage their vehicle fleets more effectively, driving safety, compliance, and productivity.
  • Gentrack – Specializing in software for utilities and airports, Gentrack solidifies its position as a leading IT Solution Business in New Zealand. Their tailor-made software solutions help utility companies and airports optimize operations and improve customer service. Gentrack’s deep industry knowledge combined with technical expertise contributes to the efficiency of critical infrastructure.
  • Jade Software – Jade Software is a notable New Zealand IT Solution Business known for its excellence in providing logistics software and digital business solutions. Their products support enterprises in streamlining operations, managing supply chains, and improving customer experiences. By integrating advanced technologies, Jade Software’s solutions enable businesses to thrive in the digital era.
  • Intergen – Intergen is a reputed IT Solution Business in New Zealand that delivers wide-ranging information technology solutions across the country and beyond. They offer an array of services from strategic consulting to implementation, helping businesses leverage technology to solve complex challenges. With a customer-centric approach, Intergen drives digital transformation, empowering businesses to reach their full potential.
  • Wynyard Group – Wynyard Group is a New Zealand IT solution business that is renowned for its high consequence crime fighting and security software. As a market leader, they offer comprehensive solutions that enable organizations to mitigate risks and enhance security. Their innovative software solutions play a critical role in law enforcement and national security domains.
  • Umbrellar – Umbrellar stands as New Zealand’s largest domain name and web hosting company. They provide robust web solutions that enable businesses to establish a strong online presence. As a key player in the IT solutions landscape of New Zealand, Umbrellar supports the digital growth of businesses, startups, and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Serko – Serko, based in New Zealand, provides intelligent technology solutions specially designed for corporate travel and expense management needs. Their platform streamlines the travel booking process and automates expense reporting, resulting in significant time and cost savings for businesses. Serko’s offerings play a crucial role in modernizing business travel.
  • IT Engine – IT Engine offers a wide range of services, making it a versatile IT solution business in New Zealand. From IT strategy to consulting and managed IT, they deliver comprehensive services that help businesses optimize their technology investments. IT Engine is dedicated to providing solutions that drive business success and digital transformation.
  • Catalyst IT – New Zealand-based Catalyst IT specializes in free and open-source technologies. They provide clients with flexible, cost-effective IT solutions that encourage innovation and facilitate business growth. Catalyst IT’s expertise in open-source technologies positions them as a unique player in New Zealand’s IT solution business landscape.
  • Enprise Solutions – Enprise Solutions is a prominent business software solutions provider in New Zealand, specializing in MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo software solutions. Their offerings are designed to streamline business processes and enhance operational efficiency. Enprise Solutions’ contribution to the IT solutions space is significant and valued by a range of industries.
  • Cyclone – Cyclone, a New Zealand-owned ICT company, provides procurement capabilities for the country’s All of Government agencies and institutions. Their services enable public sector organizations to acquire necessary IT equipment and services seamlessly. Cyclone’s contributions play a critical role in supporting the digital transformation of government services.
  • Advantage – Specializing in business technology solutions, cloud services, and managed services, Advantage is a well-known IT solution business in New Zealand. They deliver innovative solutions that help businesses stay competitive in the digital era. Advantage’s dedication to quality and innovation makes them a reliable partner for businesses navigating the complexities of digital transformation.
  • CodeBlue – CodeBlue, a renowned IT support and services company in New Zealand, offers comprehensive IT services that ensure businesses run smoothly. From technical support to IT consulting, they provide a range of services that help businesses optimize their IT infrastructure. CodeBlue’s commitment to customer service and technical excellence sets them apart in the IT solution business sphere.
  • ClearPoint – ClearPoint is a New Zealand-based digital design and engineering company. They deliver sophisticated digital solutions that enable businesses to innovate and thrive. With a team of expert engineers and designers, ClearPoint transforms business ideas into digital realities, proving to be a significant player in New Zealand’s IT solution business ecosystem.
  • Kordia – Kordia is a notable IT solution business in New Zealand, providing mission-critical technology solutions. They cater to businesses that require high-performing, reliable technological frameworks. With a robust set of solutions, Kordia enables businesses to function optimally even in the most demanding digital environments.
  • Revera – Specializing in cloud services and data center operations, Revera sets a high standard in New Zealand’s IT solution business landscape. Their advanced solutions provide businesses with secure, scalable, and efficient infrastructure. Revera’s cloud and data services ensure business continuity and data security.
  • Provoke Solutions – Provoke Solutions is a full-service software design and development company in New Zealand. They offer bespoke software solutions, driving digital transformation for businesses across sectors. With a blend of creativity and technological expertise, Provoke Solutions helps businesses unlock their potential.
  • Plan B – Plan B is a leading IT solution business that provides comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery services. Their solutions ensure that businesses can quickly recover from unexpected events, minimizing downtime and loss of data. Plan B’s robust services are critical to the resilience of many New Zealand businesses.
  • SMX – As a leading provider of cloud-based email security and hosting, SMX plays a significant role in New Zealand’s IT solution business landscape. They offer sophisticated email security solutions that protect businesses from threats while ensuring smooth communication. SMX’s offerings are critical to maintaining the integrity of business communications.
  • Theta – Theta is a reputable IT consultancy in New Zealand, providing development services across business intelligence, software development, project management, and more. They offer tailored strategies and solutions, helping businesses leverage technology to solve complex problems and improve efficiency.
  • Softsource – Softsource offers innovative ICT systems and solutions, establishing itself as a leading IT solution business in New Zealand. Their comprehensive services support businesses in navigating the digital landscape, improving operations and boosting productivity.
  • TIMG – Providing digital transformation services, including data protection and recovery, cloud backup, and more, TIMG is a go-to IT solution business for many New Zealand organizations. Their solutions play a key role in modernizing business operations while ensuring data security.
  • Unisys New Zealand – Delivering security-centric solutions for clients across Government, Financial Services, and Commercial markets, Unisys New Zealand is a major player in the country’s IT solution business sphere. Their robust solutions support complex, high-stakes operations, contributing to the security and efficiency of various sectors.
  • Telesmart – Telesmart provides cloud communications and delivers business-critical voice and data services. As a New Zealand IT solution business, they enable businesses to streamline their communications and data management, fostering seamless operations and improved collaboration.
  • Optimation – Offering software development, testing, and SAP services, Optimation stands as a reliable IT solution business in New Zealand. Their expertise helps businesses optimize their software systems and drive operational efficiency.
  • Ricoh New Zealand – Providing office printing and IT services, Ricoh New Zealand is a key player in the country’s IT solution business landscape. Their solutions enhance office productivity, streamline operations, and contribute to a smooth, efficient working environment.
  • CCL (Computer Concepts Limited) – CCL is a leading IT services company in New Zealand, providing a comprehensive range of IT infrastructure and professional IT services. Their solutions support businesses in leveraging technology effectively, enabling them to thrive in the digital era.
  • Duo – Known for its security solutions and services, Duo is an integral part of New Zealand’s IT solution businesses. They provide secure remote access and other critical security solutions, helping businesses protect their digital assets and operations.
  • Lexel Systems – Lexel Systems provides IT solution and services such as hardware/software supply, integration services, and more. They play a key role in New Zealand’s IT solution business landscape, supporting businesses in creating robust, efficient digital environments.
  • IaaS – IaaS stands out by providing cloud-based infrastructure solutions. As a part of New Zealand’s IT solution business community, they help businesses implement scalable, flexible IT infrastructures that support growth and innovation.
  • Consegna – An AWS advanced consulting partner, Consegna delivers robust, cutting-edge cloud solutions. As a prominent IT solution business in New Zealand, they assist businesses in leveraging the power of AWS, driving digital transformation and operational efficiency.
  • Deptive – Deptive specializes in user experience for business applications, with a focus on virtual desktop infrastructure. Their expertise enhances the usability and efficiency of business applications, contributing to improved productivity and user satisfaction.
  • Computer Brokers (Now CCL) – As one of New Zealand’s largest independent IT companies, Computer Brokers, now CCL, offers a range of IT solutions and services that support businesses in achieving their digital goals.
  • Dove Electronics – A widely trusted distributor of IT products, Dove Electronics is a cornerstone of New Zealand’s IT solution business landscape. They provide a wide array of IT products that support the technological needs of businesses across the country.

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