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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Future

Where does Quantum Computing Stand in Future?

In this blog, we will see about quantum computing and the models,  Essential types of quantum computing, pros and cons, applications of quantum computing. We will also discuss how it works, a bit of traditional computing , and some facts about traditional computing as well as Quantum supremacy.

What is quantum computing?

Quantum computing is a type of computation where operations can tackle the phenomena of quantum mechanics, such as superposition, interference, and entanglement. Instruments that carryout quantum computing  are known as quantum computers.

Current quantum technique  are smaller than traditional computing  devices to perform practical applications .

What it Does? 

Quantum computing solve the complex problems for traditional computing.

Traditional computing works on 0bits and 1 bit where as the quantum technique works much faster that is in qubit  that is superposition is possible at the same time means zeros and ones are entangled at the same time giving same physical properties inspire of distance.

Various Quantum Models  

There are several models of quantum. Most widely used of computing  is quantum circuits. Models are based on quantum bit or qubit and it is similar to the traditional computing . Other models include quantum Turing machine, quantum annealing and adiabatic quantum computing.

  • Turing machine

quantum Turing machine  or global quantum computer is an theoretical machine used to model the effects of a quantum computer. It gives a plain model that arrest all of the power of quantum computation—that is, any quantum algorithm can be demonstrate properly as a specific quantum Turing machine.

  • Quantum annealing

Quantum annealing is an optimization process for finding the global minimum of a given objective function over a given set of candidate solutions (candidate states), by a process using quantum fluctuations.

  • Adiabatic

Adiabatic quantum computation (AQC) is a form of quantum technique, which relies on the adiabatic theorem to do calculations and is closely related to quantum computation.

Adiabatic quantum calculation answers extinguishable issues and other combinable hunt issues. It is exactly quantum in the nuance that it can be handled to accelerate  piercing by a parabolic functions over any traditional technique

Essential type of Quantum Computing 

There are three essential types namely;

1. Quantum Annealer

Quantum annealer is termed to be the common fixer for  perfect issues. Scientists are still discovering methods to traverse the bulk structured layout amid many feasible blends of parameters. Quantum annealing is  being estimated as the tiniest strong and limited use of quantum techniques.

2. Analog Quantum Simulations

Analog quantum simulators help in labeling  materialistic issues that are further away than the capacity of traditional computing systems. Quantum simulators answer some of the hardest biochemistry issues such as restoring a protein crease. An example, alised proteins bear to create  diseases such as Paralysis and Dementia. Therefore, with the help of  quantum computing prototype scientist will be skilled to analyze which medicines can be pre-owned for therapy.

3. Universal Quantum

Heralded as the most powerful and most generally used quantum computing global computing is the hardest to build. Preferably global computing is supposed to retrieve more than 100,000 qubits i.e. 1M qubits. In the present time, we can hardly retrieve 129 qubits.

 An objective  behind global computing is to head on the machine at any difficult  computation circumstances and yet obtain the better and easy results.

In the long run, quantum computing will make companies to answer issues that were formerly unfeasible to answer. An instance, Medicinal companies could gain from  speed up the finding of  medicines ,conveyance companies can have their management issues improve. finance companies will be able to generate newer exchange strategies, oil companies can compute how atoms and molecules could be construct to assist shield instrument from deterioration, and aviation to look of an ideal method in saving extras at heliport.

 What is quantum supremacy? 

 Quantum supremacy is a level where quantum computing completes a mathematical calculation that is impossible to achieve even by the mist efficient super computers.

How it works? 

A quantum computing works on three basic parts

  • An area that houses qubits
  • Method of transferring signals to qubits
  • Traditional computing  to run program and send instructions.

Signals can be sent to qubits using a variety of methods like microwave, laser, voltage.

Traditional Computing 

Traditional computing  is a process of using physical data center for storing of digital asset and running complete networking system for daily operations. In traditional computing access to traditional computing data is limited to device they are connected to  .

  • Traditional computing network use direct cable connection and are very fast than wireless network.
  • Security for traditional computing doesn’t depend on batteries.
  • Traditional computing has less transmission problems as they use cables.
  • Traditional computing  devices are much easier to use.
  • Traditional computing takes inputs from the user and gives the output.
  • Traditional computing doesn’t interact with environment.
  • Computation in traditional computing system is terminating
  • In traditional computing only one input is taken at one time.
  • Traditional computing takes inputs as data.
  • Traditional computing structure is simple.
  • Best example of  traditional computing is calculators.

Pros and cons 

Quantum computing will be able to perform any task that a traditional computing is able to perform. Although, there is a catch. If we use traditional algorithms on a quantum computing it will simply perform the calculation in a similar manner to a traditional computing devices do. For a quantum computing to be used to its complete prospective , quantum algorithms must be put together. Quantum techniques can utilize the occurrence of quantum similarities.

  • Quantum techniques are best for doing stimulation computing.
  • Quantum techniques are used in medical field for detecting diseases.
  • Quantum techniques is used in Google Search to do research.
  • Quantum techniques make high encryption.

Here are the applications of quantum computing

  • Cybersecurity
  • Forecasting
  • Material science
  • Quantum stimulation
  • Quantum annealing
  • Weather forecasting
  • Computational chemistry
  • Logistics optimization

Cybersecurity :

Quantum computing can both enhance and break cybersecurity. Powerful quantum techniques can threatened to break cryptography techniques. Personal information is stored in computer in current era of digitalization.


Quantum computing are used in weather forecasting to give accurate results. Quantum techniques will enhance climatic predictions on both a confined and a bigger  scale, permitting for more modern and exact message of extreme climatic changes perhaps saving lives and minimizing property damage on an annual basis.

Material Science 

In material science quantum technique is used to solve complex problems of atomic structure

Quantum stimulation 

Quantum technique and it’s affect are generating metamorphic chances by utilizing the theory of quantum techniques in new ways to produce and operate details.

Enhancement in quantum computing could help us regulate large multiplex bits.

Computational chemistry 

 The wave functions and twist characters of a quantum computer may give Sovereignty to systems for perfectly matching the molecules. At the end , it paves enormous methods in the field of medical science testing . Many complex issues that a quantum computer can tackle involve preparing  reversal mechanics of processor , preparing  ammonia-based chemicals, preparing solid-state batteries, and releasing CO2 (carbon dioxide) for a good weather etc. Quantum computing will be the vital in the field of chemical science

Logistics Optimization: Regular Computing is being used to enhance data interpretation and strong shaping by allowing various companies to improve their organization and arranging methods related with their factory arrangements . Such operating copy simultaneously carryout the computation and re-computations for identifying the optimal routes of fleet operations, air traffic control, and traffic management. Many of these functions can become compound and hard for traditional computers to answer. . Thus, quantum techniques can become an ideal computing solution to solve problems.

Some facts about traditional computing 

In traditional computing the user can use a traditional  computing method like static memory allocation and it is mainly useful in single user operating systems.

In traditional computing technique there will be a particular operating system that is going to perform all tasks to that particular computer system.

Traditional computing is like one task is performed by the CPU at a given time and the CPU utilizes the memory that is used only for one task.

Traditional  computing infrastructure is considered the most secure data hosting solution because most of the advantages to this model place full responsibility on the company to manage it. Traditional computing heavily relies on an in-house IT team to provide maintenance and support

Currently the traditional computing uses the hard disk operating techniques and it is used in home computer , host and another various system  so that the customer can tackle and produce a piece of system cache to various methods.

Above all quantum computing is more widely used. It’s been very powerful and helpful in all fields. In near future each and every work will be made easy by quantum computing as it is more powerful and efficient. Unlike traditional computing methods, quantum computing is very vast in all fields . Quantum devices are also very popular and powerful to be used .

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