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Open Source Programming Languages

The Top 12 Open Source Programming Languages Trend for 2023

For software engineers and IT businesses, open source initiatives are nothing new. The majority of the programming languages used in projects are open source to some extent. Consider GitHub as an example. This platform is used by more than 40 million developers to write, share, and work together on projects for work or for pleasure. Some programming languages have seen increased adoption among programmers in recent months, and we anticipate that this trend will continue in the developer community in 2023.

Open Source


We analyzed a variety of resources to produce our list of the top 12 programming languages for 2023. However, it will be important to clarify what open source programming is all about before we list them out.

What is Open Source Programming?

Anything that anybody may simply modify to suit their requirements is considered open source. A software that is open source is one that the broader public can utilize. This phrase was first used to describe methods for developing computer-based applications by the community of software developers. Technical lingo has many different meanings. It might refer to a thing, a project, or a programming languages idea. It may also be used to describe a project with a strong sense of community. You require open-source software for an open source project to function.

Open Source Software

They now employ open-source programming languages to carry out activities when it comes to open-source initiatives. What exactly is open source software then? Simply put, open source software is just source code that anybody may view, alter, or improve to suit their own requirements. A component of software that the user never sees is the source code of the programming languages. But when software engineers wish to influence a piece of software, they work on the code to alter how the program or application functions. Adding or deleting features involves manipulable, disposable code.

To enhance its capabilities, another choice is to alter certain of its operations. Let’s explore the top 12 programming languages for 2023 now that we understand what open source software is and how it connects to open source initiatives. Each program is listed in the list below from least to most popular.

  1. Ruby

Yukihiro Matsumoto, a Japanese programmer, developed the Ruby programming language, which was first published in 1995. For the benefit of the users, the developer combined several of his favorite languages. RUBY’s versatility makes it very simple to use and highly effective. Because developers may easily alter the program to meet their needs, it has stayed relevant in software engineering since its introduction and is today a highly sought-after  programming language.

  1. R Programming Language

R is another programming language that is in our list of open-source language applications. This language software is still highly regarded for its effectiveness at processing massive amounts of data and changing ad hoc problems. R may be used for mining ventures as well.

  1. C

Dennis Ritchie created this programming language in 1972, therefore it still baffles me why it’s still so well-liked today. Even if there are so many open source applications released every year, one could have assumed that C programming language would no longer be relevant. C was first created as a general-purpose language for software and hardware in computers. However, it has evolved into a standard for many of today’s most widely spoken languages over time. PHP, Java, and JavaScript are a few open source languages that have their roots in C.

  1. TypeScript

TypeScript is another popular programming language among developers. Microsoft created and continues to support this language programme. Many people are starting to use TypeScript, one of the languages with the fastest growth right now, to develop or update their code. Its semantics and syntax are comparable to JavaScript’s, but TypeScript is stacked with strong capabilities for huge open-source programming language applications. The language software comes with Visual Studio Code (a free code editor from Microsoft). Although some developers may not find TypeScript to be valuable for enterprise-based projects, it is highly valued for the creation of open-source software.

  1. Swift

Without Apple’s Swift for iOS-based projects, no list would be complete. Swift is a convenient open source programming language that is especially made for iOS apps. Swift is a relatively new artist, yet despite this, it is still quite popular.

  1. Shell

If you have never or only sometimes worked on open source projects, many of you might not be familiar with Shell programming language, yet IT businesses love this language software. Shell is an extremely intelligent programming language that enables programmers to write code directly that instructs the computer system what to do. Shell open source language can be used for a variety of tasks, including as transferring files, backing up data, and remotely or physically installing and uninstalling software.

  1. C++

C++ was developed in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup as part of his doctoral thesis. C was used as a background application for creating this programming language. To build C++, he simply added additional features to C, which is an open source software. Today’s operating systems, web browsers, and computer games are just a few examples of applications that employ C++.

  1. C#

C#, often known as C-Sharp is a programming language, which was created by a team at Microsoft under the direction of Anders Hejlsberg. C# is utilized in corporate software, gaming, and common mobile apps and bears a striking resemblance to Java.

  1. PHP

This free, programming language is used to create websites in general and to create interactive web pages. It is also used by large corporations like Yahoo and Facebook to run their databases. Originally known as Hypertext Preprocessor programming language, PHP  has its detractors but is still commonly utilized by small businesses and independent developers.

  1. Java

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world today, therefore there was no way it could not enter the top 10 list. Java was created by Sun Microsystems in 1995 and is currently owned by Oracle. Some of the largest businesses you can think of, like Netflix and Twitter, among others, use this open source programming language today. In reality, Java has established itself as a de facto industry standard for big businesses using big platforms to analyze tones of data. Java programming language can be used to make mobile applications, web applications, and database software. Since Java was created with C as the root program, you may transition from C# to C++ at any moment, which further contributes to its dynamic nature.

  1. Python

You might never come across a list without Python because it is one of the most widely used programming languages on the planet. There is a sizable development community for Python where programmers may exchange ideas and code of this open source programming language. It is also the best programming language for applications involving data science and artificial intelligence. Analysts claim that one of the factors contributing to its sustained relevance is how simple and adaptable it is to use.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript is the top programming language on our list for open source projects. Websites are made to be very interactive thanks to Javascript, which is used to create web pages. It is adaptable yet nevertheless effective in enhancing communication between one or more users. However, this does not imply that JavaScript open source programming language is solely employed on websites. Additionally, game developers utilize it to create them.

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