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Best Flip Phones

Best Flip Phones

The Best Flip Phones of 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

In a world dominated by sleek and powerful smartphones, the best flip phones seem like a blast from the past. However, they’ve been making a surprising comeback in recent years. In 2023, we find ourselves presented with a diverse array of options when it comes to the best flip phones, each offering unique features and styles. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best flip phones of 2023, highlighting their key features and why they stand out in an era of touchscreen dominance.

Why not choose one of the best flip phones if you’re thinking about getting a new phone? It can be difficult to choose among the best flip phones for you because these gadgets are experiencing a renaissance and new competitors are joining the market. We can assist you, whether you’re looking for something affordable and cheery, something with a stunning screen, or both.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

One of the best flip phones overall

Specifications for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5:


Expanded Flex Windows

Double the capacity of the prior model’s storage.

Inadequate battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is generally better than the Flip 4. To begin with, in contrast to the Flip 4, the Flip 5 boasts a substantially larger rear glass that closes seamlessly and leaves no spaces for dust or other debris to enter.

With the help of AI intelligence, the best flip phone cameras produce amazing images even in low light. With 256 or 512 GB of storage available right out of the box, the 5 offers twice as much capacity as the previous model, making it ideal for storing all these flashy pictures on your gadget.

The Flip 5 is undoubtedly costly for a new flagship device, but it comes with some extremely valuable features, such as a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset that enhances graphics and video performance. In addition, the colour selections are visually appealing, including a lovely white, grey, and traditional lavender. It’s among the best flip phones available on the market.

Oppo Find N2 Flip

A close competitor to the best flip phones

specifications for the Oppo Find N2 Flip:


Not a void when folded

A mid-screen wrinkle that is less apparent

Fantastic chipset cons:

Absence of wireless charging

IP is not rated.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is clearly superior to the Oppo Find N2 Flip, which some of you might even prefer. Everything looks fantastic and functions like a dream thanks to a Mediatek Dimensity 9000+ chipset, a 120Hz 6.8″ AMOLED screen, and a barely perceptible mid-screen crease.

The largest battery, the 4300mAh model, supports fast charging but not wireless charging. This provides you with more than a day’s worth of moderate use; however, it will undoubtedly run out faster if used among the best flip phones for gaming or streaming films and TV shows.

The best flip phones cost a little more than the Flip4 and are available in fewer colour options—astral black, moonlit purple, and gold. If you’re not a fan of Samsung products or just want something a little different from the norm, we suggest these best flip phones.

Flip 4: Samsung Galaxy Z

Excellent and among the best flip phones from the previous generation.


Very small

Quick charging

Fantastic performance


Poor-quality camera

Life of the battery

mid-screen fold

On the list of the best flip phones for 2023, the Flip 4 continues to perform admirably even after the release of the Flip 5. The best flip phones have a stylish 6.7″ main screen that flips down to reveal a little 0.6″ broad device with a tiny 1.9″ screen on the front, making it suitable for even the tiniest pockets.

Although the Flip4’s 3700mAh battery is smaller than that of other non-flip phones, it will still last you roughly 10 hours before needing to be charged again. You only need to plug the smartphone in for approximately an hour to get back to full capacity because it has decent, quick charging.

The cameras come next. It’s a clever trick that allows you to rotate the phone slightly so that it sits at a 90-degree angle and use the front screen to preview the photo you’re taking with the more powerful back camera. But neither the front-facing nor rear-facing cameras are particularly good.

Your decision may simply come down to personal preference and colour schemes because most of the best flip phones are quite similarly matched. The Flip4 is available in a wide variety of beautiful colours, including bora purple, graphite, pink gold, blue, yellow, white, navy, khaki, and red.

Motorola Razr Plus


big external screen

little wrinkle in the main screen

very little opening that closes


a modern phone with an older chipset

Durability issues

When the Razr Plus is folded, its big 3.6-inch external screen nearly fills the front of the smartphone, which is the first thing you’ll notice about it. With a 120Hz refresh rate, this phone’s screen is quite amazing—it even encircles the two camera lenses—and it lets you check notifications, snap selfies, and use apps.

Moving past the design, the Razr Plus has a slightly outdated Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU that, while still capable of running the majority of games, will not be able to compete with the upcoming foldables that Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023 will unveil. Its 6.9-inch primary screen has the first-ever 165Hz refresh rate of any flip phone available today.

Though they aren’t particularly good, the main camera’s 13 MP ultrawide lens can produce some passable photos—that is, if you don’t shoot in low light. Next is the front camera, which isn’t particularly good but can still produce some great selfies.

In terms of cost and design, the Razr Plus is competitively priced when compared to its rivals’ suggested retail prices; however, because of their age, you’ll likely find better offers on the other best flip phones. In the meantime, it is available in viva magenta, glacial blue, infinite black, and my personal favourite, infinite black.

Alcatel Flip 4 Go!

The best flip phones within budget

specifications for Alcatel Go Flip 4:


incredibly affordable

Pros: extended battery life

shoddy camera

lacks the mod cons that we’re accustomed to.

Those looking for a flip phone that can perform all the essential functions, such as making calls, sending texts, and even browsing Twitter or X, can consider the Alcatel Go Flip 4. It is most definitely not for those who wish to play games and shoot beautiful pictures.

These best flip phones are available in midnight blue and are undoubtedly the least expensive on the list. For slightly older people who simply wish to easily stay in touch with their family and friends, we suggest the Alcatel Go Flip 4.

Hello, Kitty, phone K688

The ultimate flip phone for girlbosses

Details of K688 Hello Kitty:


Very adorable. Cons:

incredibly unworkable

For all the girlbosses out there, here is the final submission. If you want a sassy Hello Kitty phone that will allow you to take the naysayers to task in the most stylish way possible, The K688 Hello Kitty phone surprisingly features a camera; however, it’s obviously not very good.

Though your fancy apps aren’t available here, you can use an SD card to play music, make calls, send texts, and even perform calculations on a cute calculator.

It is a bit of a ridiculous gimmick and only comes in pink and white. But this clever little cat might work for you if you’re looking for something inexpensive to bring to a festival or possibly present to your child as their first phone.

Let’s also consider the camera’s optics and its capacity to capture crisp images and videos in both bright and dim lighting. And lastly, there’s style: the best flip phones are frequently selected by those who appreciate particular hues and aesthetics.

There is no right or incorrect response; these are the primary factors that guide our decision regarding which phones to suggest. Select the phone of your choice!


Q1: What are the key features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, and why is it considered one of the best flip phones?

A1: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 boasts a foldable design, offering a compact form factor when folded and a larger display when unfolded. It features a high-quality AMOLED display, powerful performance, and an impressive camera system, making it one of the best flip phones on the market.

Q2: What are the standout features of the Oppo Find N2 Flip, and why is it considered one of the best flip phones?

A2: The Oppo Find N2 Flip is known for its foldable design and cutting-edge features. With a flexible AMOLED display, powerful hardware, and an array of camera capabilities, it ranks as one of the best flip phones available.

Q3: What are the key features that make the Motorola RAZR Plus one of the best flip phones available?

A3: The Motorola RAZR Plus stands out as one of the best flip phones due to its iconic flip design, modern features, and reliable performance. Its combination of nostalgia and innovation is a compelling factor.

Q4: Are there any unique or innovative features that set the Oppo Find N2 Flip apart from other flip phones?

A4: Yes, the Oppo Find N2 Flip distinguishes itself with its flexible, foldable design and advanced hinge technology, providing a blend of style and functionality. It offers a seamless transition between a compact and full-size screen, making it a standout choice among flip phones.

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