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Coding: A Universal Birthright of Every Person

Why Should Coding be a Universal Birthright of Every Person?

The world is becoming dominated by digital technology, which is significantly influenced by coding. These digital technologies have an impact on how we work, play, and interact with others and how we perceive the environment. Due to this, learning to code ought to be a fundamental human right.

Today, everyone needs to know coding, whether a youngster or an adult. It’s important to be literate in the language of the twenty-first century, in addition to having a job in the technology sector. Like everyone needs to be able to read and write, everyone also needs to be able to code.

The future of coding technology, multiple coding languages, and all you need to know about coding, will be covered in this essay.

Writing codes or programming is what constitutes coding. It involves converting language that is understandable to humans into codes that are understandable to computers. Computers can run this codes to carry out several operations.

Coding education teaches students how to communicate these commands on machines. Learning a new language would be comparable. You need to acquire syntax and semantics to be able to code, just as you do to be able to communicate in a new language.

Coding involves more than just writing code—it also involves finding solutions to issues. In essence, you are addressing a problem when you code. This issue could be as straightforward as figuring out how to perform a specific computation or as difficult as developing a brand-new software program.

It’s crucial to pick the correct coding language because it will affect how you approach problems and write code. The syntax and features of different coding languages vary. As a result, some languages are more appropriate than others for particular tasks.

There are dozens of different coding languages; however, the article will mention a few of the most well-known ones coding languages:


Since 1995, JavaScript has been a part of every website. It is a flexible scripting language that makes websites more dynamic by enabling drop-down menus and can also be used to develop games, apps, and works of art. In addition to servers, desktop programs, and robots, JavaScript is primarily used in web browsers. The functionality and interactivity of many websites are supported by JavaScript technology. Some pages may not function well if you disable JavaScript in your web browser.


The initial version of Python, a flexible coding language, appeared in 1991. Artificial intelligence, data analysis, scientific computing, and education all use Python technology. Python has several features that make it valuable for seasoned programmers and is simple to learn for beginners.

The readability of Python code, which resembles English quite closely, sets it apart from other computer languages. Google, Instagram, and Reddit are a few of the well-known internet companies that use Python. Python is unquestionably worthwhile to learn if you’re seeking a language that will provide you with a competitive edge in your job.

C and C++

The first version of the flexible coding language C appeared in 1972. It is utilized in software engineering, embedded systems, and systems programming. Although C is a fairly strong coding language, it can be challenging for novices to learn.

The 1985-original C programming language has an expansion known as C++. Although it is thought to be more object-oriented than C, it is utilized in many of the same applications. This implies that building software from small components is simpler.

Additionally, C++ is thought to be more dependable and effective than C. Being familiar with C and C++ technology can put you on the right track for a lucrative career in software development.


One of the many computer languages created expressly for controlling data in a database is the Structured Query Language. Programmers utilize it to add, edit, and remove data. Using SQL technology, specific data may also be retrieved from databases using specified queries.

You can become a more versatile coder by learning SQL. You might become more employable thanks to this technology. Learning SQL is a wonderful place to start if a career in software development is something you’re interested in.


Another computer language that distinguishes itself from the competition is Java. Applications for desktop, online, and mobile platforms can be developed using Java, a flexible programming language. This language also powers a lot of the most popular websites on the planet, like Amazon and eBay.

This language is a great choice for those who are just getting started with coding because many computer technology courses cover it. If you want to work in software development, learning Java is a fantastic place to start.

 Additional Coding Languages

In addition to the well-known ones mentioned above, there are numerous other coding languages. Here are some additional programming languages for technology that are worthwhile to learn:

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) – It’s a preferred markup language for building websites and web-based programs.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) – A language for creating style sheets that describe how a document that was created using markup language will look.

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) – A general-purpose, open-source scripting language with a sizable user base.

Swift – A powerful and user-friendly programming language that is supported by Linux, macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

The syntax and intended use of every coding language are different. In contrast to HTML, which is regarded as the internet’s core, Java is renowned for being adaptable and strong. Although there are many other coding languages, these are some of the most typical ones you’ll encounter when studying coding.

The essential expertise of coding technology will be more and more necessary in the future. Coding is a kind of communication with the outside world, much like reading and writing. It’s a technique for sending instructions to computers so they can carry out certain tasks.

Coding is a skill that is becoming increasingly important for people from all areas of life as the world becomes more digitized. Whether you work as a doctor, teacher, or business owner, knowing how to code will give you an advantage.

Benefits of Coding

  • Programming Encourages Problem Solving

Learning new languages that can be used to interact with computers is what studying diverse coding language entail. You must be rational and be able to solve difficulties for you to be able to code. Algorithmic thinking is the process of dissecting an issue and coming up with a solution; it is a life skill that can be used in any situation.

  • Encourages Creativity

When you know how to code, the possibilities for your creations are endless. Coding will enable you to realize your ideas for websites, games, and apps, regardless of what you want to create. You’ll also learn to accept failure and consider it as an essential part of the creative process because coding technology is all about trying things out and learning from them.

  • Students are prepared for future careers

The need for individuals with coding abilities is rising as the world becomes more and more digitized. We are preparing children for a future in which they can succeed by teaching them several coding languages. Technology is continuously changing, as we are all aware, and those who can keep up with these developments will be successful.

  • Knowing how to code improves your understanding of technology

You will be able to comprehend technology better if you can read and write code. In the modern world, when we are becoming more and more dependent on technology, this is a useful talent. You can solve issues and even make your programs if you have a solid understanding of the various coding languages and how coding functions. You’ll also put yourself in a good position for future success given the expanding work market.

  • Coding Languages Can Be Used Anywhere

Additionally, not only those in the IT sector can learn to code. Coding is being used by many industries to organize their work. For instance, doctors can now manage patient records using code. This technology can be used by lawyers to arrange case files. And companies of all stripes are automating their procedures through the use of coding technologies.

Understanding different coding languages will provide you with a competitive advantage regardless of the business you work in. Your marketability will increase, and you’ll be more prepared to face future difficulties.

Learning Various Coding Languages

Right now, there are far too many programming languages in use. The various coding languages are employed in a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Website development 
  • Game development 
  • Mobile app development 
  • Software engineering 

You’ll want to master several coding languages depending on your objectives. For instance, learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a requirement if you want to work as a web developer. Learning C++ is a requirement if you want to create video games. Additionally, you must learn Java or Swift if you wish to create mobile applications.

Starting to use this technology is what’s most crucial. You don’t need to know every single coding language that exists. You can choose a language from the list of available coding languages and get coding.

There is no disputing the promising future of the coding industry. Over 700,000 positions are open in the technology sector alone in the United States, and this number is expected to rise over the next several years. Learning to code is an excellent alternative if you’re seeking a reliable and well-paying profession in the technology sector.

Popular jobs in coding include:

  • Web Developer 
  • Mobile App Developer 
  • Software Engineer 
  • Database Administrator 

These are just a few of the many alternatives you will have after learning to code. There is a coding career out there for everyone, no matter what their interests are.

The pace of technological improvement is accelerating, and many of these developments are led by code. A job in coding is ideal for you if you’re interested in using cutting-edge technology.

Future technologies that will require developers include some of the following:

Virtual Reality

A technology that is quickly gaining popularity is virtual reality. You can entirely submerge yourself in a computer-generated environment using virtual reality (VR). Although this technology is excellent for gamers, it also offers a range of other possible uses.

If you’re interested in this subject, it’s a good idea to start immediately, as developing technology for virtual reality will require a distinct set of coding skills than developing for other platforms.

Augmented Reality

However, there are a few significant differences between VR and augmented reality. While VR transports you into a wholly virtual environment, AR technology superimposes digital data over the actual world. Although this technology is still in its infancy, it has a range of possible uses. Coders will be required to make augmented reality (AR) software and games for Microsoft HoloLens-compatible hardware.

IoT (Internet of Things)

A network of physical objects linked to the internet and capable of communicating with one another is known as the “Internet of Things.” Coders will need to use this technology to develop programs and systems that can communicate with the many IoT devices.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) 

Another rapidly expanding field of technology is artificial intelligence. Coders will require this technology to create AI programs and systems that can aid organizations in automating processes and making wiser decisions.

The exciting future of coding is full of cutting-edge new technologies that we should keep an eye on. Just a few of the most fascinating are listed above. As these new technologies become available, programmers will be needed to create systems and apps that can utilize them.

Coding is becoming more and more profitable as a result of the development of technology. Due to the development of numerous coding languages, coding has become simpler. Rapid technological change is forcing the industry to adapt. AI applications and systems that can assist organizations in automating processes and making better judgments will be created by coders.

Everyone now needs to know how to code, not just students and professionals in the IT sector. Today, many non-tech organizations demand that their staff have some understanding of coding.

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