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visitor management system

Visitor Management System

The Benefits of Having a Visitor Management System in the Workplace

Monitoring work environment and controlling visitors entering and leaving your workplace, including clients, suppliers, potential hires, and everyone else who is not an employee, is known as visitor management system. If you often entertain these types of visitors at your workplace, it’s critical to have an effective visitor management system for the benefit of both your visitors and your staff. Whether you’re just getting back into the work environment or have been there for months, it’s always a good idea to evaluate your visitor management procedures. Here are some main arguments in favor of putting in place a cutting-edge visitor management system.

Visitor Management System

How does the visitor management system work?

Pre-register your guests

Consider that you are a hiring manager or recruiter and that you are meeting with an applicant for an interview. Or perhaps you’re an account manager who welcomes a customer to a face-to-face meeting at your office, then comes into the visitor management system. As the host, you want to make it as simple as possible for your visitors to locate your work environment, understand what to anticipate, and check in at the front desk. If your first encounter is successful, it will be good for both you and the business and will be one less thing for you to worry about.

Your team can provide visitors to the office a pleasant experience by using a visitor management system. Additionally, employees may register visitors with ease, freeing up your work environment or HR department. You may make sure that your visitors receive an email with information about what to expect when they come to your work environment. This information might range from parking directions to office reception area directions.

Modern visitor check-in

Once they have found the work environment reception area, your guests can easily check in using an iPad or tablet with your company logo. It allows for an immediate seamless and delightful encounter and is a quick and simple approach to define the welcome area. Visitors will recognise your brand’s visitor management system aesthetically and will think of it as a cutting-edge, tech-savvy company that employs specialist tools to streamline the login process. It’s a welcome improvement over the archaic clipboard-based login approach through the visitor management system.

Sign legal documents

Before visiting a workplace, visitors may sign any necessary legal papers like NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) using the visitor management system. To make the process simple for visitors and your work environment, all of this data may be gathered at the first check-in phase (you no longer have to worry about organising files with signed pages of legal documents). In addition, visitors using the visitor management system will feel more confident knowing that any contracts they sign will be safely saved and documented in the work environment.

Print badges

You can invite visitors to snap a photo with their smartphone or iPad during the final stage of visitor management system so that a badge can be printed right away. In the office, visitors may be quickly identified, adding an extra layer of protection in the work environment. As well as streamlining the check-in procedure for both your guests and your office management personnel, you’ve eliminated the tedious process of needing to physically type down and construct a name tag or badge using the visitor management system.

Real-time employee notifications 

Not only does the visitor management system give your visitors a wonderful experience of the work environment, but it also improves the working environment for your staff members. Real-time information on a guest’s arrival is available to employees. A notice may be sent to them by email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams using the visitor management system. You’ll be able to welcome your guests exactly when they’re ready since you’ll know when to expect them.

Keep your work environment team and office visitors safe

If the necessity arises, you may utilise the visitor management software for contact tracing as it keeps track of who enters and exits your work environment. This way, you’ll know exactly who to inform if any member of your staff or a visitor to your office reports having COVID-19.

A visitor management software helps keep your team safe 

The visitor management software acts as an office gatekeeper of the work environment, a visitor management software helps to guarantee that only authorised people enter. To make visitors easily recognised and to provide your staff a visual reminder of who is a guest, you will be able to print badges in the work environment. Even just being aware that a visitor management system is in place will discourage unwanted visitors from trying to access your workplace environment.

A visitor management software can also assist in keeping track of who was there during COVID-19 and the precise periods they were in the work environment. A computerised visitor record can be utilised for simple contact tracing in the event that your office has a known incidence of COVID through the visitor management system. Additionally, you can send out personalised wellness questionnaires prior to a guest’s arrival using a platform like Eden’s visitor management system. This makes your staff and visitors more confident that your office work environment is taking steps to reduce the danger of COVID exposure.

Last but not least, having a visitor management system may enable authorities to swiftly make sure that everyone in the work environment has been evacuated and accounted for in the event of an emergency scenario, such as a fire or earthquake. Quick situational analysis might be the difference between life and death.

Visitor management software help you securely manage data 

Having a safe method of managing data is essential for all facets of your work environment, and managing visitors is no exception using the visitor management system. The traditional method of handling visits entails keeping a logbook on a desk that is clearly available to the public and contains pages of names, phone numbers, and email addresses. The ideal situation? With this visitor data being unprotected, some of your visitors could feel uneasy. Worst case? Potential responsibility may result from it.

Visitors can only view their own personal data, not the private information of everyone who has been previously, thanks to a visitor management system that uses technology to securely handle all visitor information inside the work environment. NDAs, contracts, and other legal documents that visitors must sign before visiting your business may be managed and stored securely with the visitor management system.

Visitor management software help create a modern guest experience

What sort of initial impression would you like to give visitors to your work environment? For your applicants attending an interview on-site? For customers you want to impress? Impressions are important. Your visitor management system can provide each visitor a uniform, premium first impression that is up to date. In actuality, your visitor management system needs to make an impact on guests even before they enter your work environment. Visitors should be able to simply pre-register with staff so that they are aware of what to anticipate before arriving.

Visitors can even get an email with crucial information, such as directions or parking instructions, before visiting your work environment. Additionally, to bring your firm’s brand identification front and center and aid in giving customers a positive first impression of your organization, you may personalize your employer branding and logo in a contemporary visitor management system.

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Visitor management software help save you time by digitizing your work environment workflow

Software for visitor management should reduce waiting times for customers and your business in the work environment. Visitors will check in more quickly and easily with the help of a visitor management system if they follow a few prompts on a tablet when they arrive in the work environment. Additionally, if you have a hybrid office, you won’t have to worry about staffing a front desk with someone who can welcome guests at all times using the visitor management software.

Instead of sifting through copious quantities of paper logbooks, your business will be able to quickly access visitor information with the push of a button using visitor management systems in the work environment. NDAs and necessary legal documents will also be maintained and easily accessible online. Additionally, employing a visitor management system will provide you with access to a wealth of information regarding the kinds of people visiting your work environment, their timing, and their length of stay. You’ll be able to continuously enhance office procedures and operations with the help of these insights.

Software for visitor management is essential in today’s businesses. In addition to streamlining and improving the visitor experience, it keeps everyone safe, handles personal data securely, and streamlines procedures for your work environment.  Schedule a demo with our team right now if you’d like to find out more about Eden’s visitor management system and see whether it’s a good fit for your workplace.

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