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solar energy

Solar Energy and Tech Firms

Why solar energy is becoming the most preferred source of power by various Tech Firms

Solar energy is the upcoming big thing for some of the biggest tech corporations in the United States. Solar panels improve a company’s public image and assist lessen its environmental impact. The free energy they generate will also enable them to eventually pay for themselves. For some of the biggest US businesses, that is a fantastic return on investment, and for these billionaire financiers, solar panels make solid financial sense.

The federal government’s assistance in the form of rebates and tax credits is largely responsible for the expansion of commercial solar energy in the United States. These initiatives aid in lowering the price of solar panels and solar panel installation, increasing the investment appeal of solar systems. More than 1,300 organisations that have vowed to make voluntary contributions to renewable energy are represented by the EPA’s Green Power Association. All of the businesses on this list purchase renewable electricity credits from grid-tied solar power systems in the US, even though many tech businesses also install solar panels on-site. With businesses paving the way, the solar sector is expanding and CO2 emissions are being offset. These businesses are devoted to assisting the expanding US renewable energy market. By assisting them with your company, you may contribute. Here are the top 4 solar energy firms to keep an eye on;

  1. Intel Corporation

America’s top renewable energy firm is Intel, the tech giant. They have made enough investments in renewable energy to completely offset their 3,429,956,843 kWh energy impact. Intel has been the country’s top green energy purchaser for nine years running, and a major portion of that comes from investments in green energy. Another significant element of these green expenditures is solar energy. The second-largest on-site carport solar installation in the United States, Arizona, was the company’s final project when it was finished in April 2017. 3,200 parking spaces will be available at the site, which will yearly save the power equivalent to 1,000 US households. 3 Due to an installation on its site in Folsom, California, the business also boasts the distinction of having the biggest solar carport in the US.

  1. Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft is a pioneer in renewable energy around the world. The EPA, the UN, and the World Economic Forum have all given the firm recognition for developing a carbon-neutral business model that has sparked large investments in wind, solar, and other renewable sources of energy. Power purchase agreements, sustainable energy credits, and on-site installations are anticipated to cover 3,344,727,000 kWh of electricity usage this year. As one of the first American tech businesses to adopt solar power, Microsoft placed 480 kW of solar panels on its main Silicon Valley headquarters in 2006. Now that Microsoft CEO Brad Smith has promised to increase the firm’s solar data centre infrastructure across the United States, an investment in Microsoft’s company will benefit both the solar sector and the company as a whole.

solar energy


  1. Google

One can contend that Google, more than any other tech firm on this list, has had a significant influence on the U.S. solar sector. With 1,763,588,904 kWh invested in green energy, the company’s investment isn’t the greatest in the nation, but Google’s contribution to the US solar business in the digital sphere is much greater. In order to remotely inform consumers about the viability of their homes for solar panels, several solar installers in the US use Google Maps and the Google Earth project. By expediting the quotation process, these solutions have given installers time, energy, and financial savings. To assist everyone involved envision a solar system design, many solar installers utilise Google SketchUp as a tool to sketch potential solar system designs on images of a customer’s roof. Additionally, Google introduced Project Sunroof in 2015, an algorithm that assesses the solar energy potential of American structures using 3D models. Google tech sets the groundwork for expansion and innovation in the solar business.

By the conclusion of 2017, Google also claimed to generate all of its electricity using renewable tech sources. This is not about greenwashing, as Marc Oman, Google’s EU energy leader, told The Guardian. According to Oman, “We are confident that this is beneficial to business.” “This is about long-term pricing for us. The most affordable choice is increasingly renewable energy.

  1. Apple

Due to its popular products like the iPhone and iPad, Apple continues to be one of the most well-known tech firms in the world. The Californian computer titan is now moving into the field of renewable energy. Three of its solar arrays’ excess electricity is sold by Apple Energy, LLC, a fully owned company, in six local energy tech markets. Apple’s newfound interest in the solar energy industry shouldn’t come as a surprise as the firm offsets 100% of its power through investments in clean energy, joining an increasing number of IT companies that are using green technologies to offset their significant electricity consumption. So there’s a strong probability that Siri will use solar energy to answer your question about the day’s weather.

Advantages of using Solar Energy for Tech Firms

  • Benefits of Solar Energy to the Environment

Solar energy tech has several benefits over fossil fuels, one of which is that it is less harmful to the environment than fossil fuels. The production of greenhouse gases by fossil fuels, which contaminate the air and water, is one of the key reasons why they are not ecologically friendly. The good news is that, in this regard, solar energy is utterly different from fossil fuels. This energy’s lack of noise production is another another benefit. They are significant since they are also utilised building homes! Due to the abundance of solar panels put in rural regions, it is also one of the benefits of solar energy.

  • Saving Water

Solar energy tech usage also aids in water conservation. Whereas nuclear power facilities require a lot of water for maintenance, which results in water waste, solar panel maintenance uses relatively little water.

  • Saving Money

Since you mostly rely on energy from solar panels tech, your power cost will be cheaper. Using solar energy may save individuals money, but how much depends on how much electricity and heating are used, how big the solar system is, and other factors.

  • Gaining Money

Your supplier could even pay you if you generate more power than you need and feed it into the system. Naturally, once your solar system is linked to the grid and your supplier has agreed to this, everything takes place.

  • Using Renewable Energy Source

Sunlight powers solar panels. A sustainable energy source that won’t run out anytime soon is solar energy tech. As a result, you can be confident that you will never run out of gasoline to satisfy your demands for electricity.

  • Low Maintenance

The good news continues with the fact that solar panels tech need little work to maintain and have cheap maintenance expenses. Repairing and cleaning don’t require a lot of time. To be good to go, just make sure the panels are free of snow or dirt. But remember to schedule frequent meetings with a professional to ensure that the system is operating at its best. Companies that assist with record cleansing are also available. All you need to do is give them a call, and they’ll handle the entire cleaning job. It ought to only happen two or three times every year.

  • Improving Grid Security

The likelihood of blackouts is quite low when solar panels tech are widely spaced over a region. These systems serve as the grid’s energy production hubs, enhancing grid security in the event of overload or other situations that result in blackouts.

  • Creating Jobs

The one solar energy tech advantage that has the most economic impact on society is job generation. Numerous work possibilities linked to solar system installation, cleaning, maintenance, and other related tasks have been made possible by the rising demand for solar systems.

  • Different Applications

Solar energy may be used for a variety of purposes, including the production of heat or electricity. They may be put to use in areas without access to energy, and you can even use these tech to power satellites in orbit.

  • Energy Production in the high demands

It is common knowledge that the peak period for energy use is from eleven in the morning until four in the afternoon. The cost of power likewise reaches its peak during this period. The good news is that this is also the time when solar electricity output peaks.

  • Can be Installed Everywhere

Your solar system tech may be placed anywhere there is sunlight. To give locations without electricity the required power, you can utilise these technologies.

  • Live Grid-Free

You may easily live off the grid if your solar system is powerful enough and capable of producing enough electricity to get you through each day without any issues.

  • Store the Extra Power

Batteries allow you to store surplus solar power so that you may utilise it at night, when there isn’t enough sunshine to keep your panels generating power.

  • Increasing the value of your tech business

The customers of your technology company profit from the solar system when solar panels are installed there. These days, a lot of individuals choose solar energy tech but lack the time to install it properly. So the amount of money you earn for it improves when you include a solar system with the technological business. With practically all of the advantages of solar energy now known to you, why not share your opinions with us in the comments section? Write down your thoughts and sign into Linquip if you want to get assistance from our knowledgeable specialists in finding solutions to all of your queries.

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