Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation involves the use of social media to achieve the marketing and branding goals of a company.u00a0 The main focus of this feature is to achieve traffic from outside of search engines. Social media includes social networks, pictures and videos. Social media is essential in modern society for brand awareness and communications to both current and potential customers. Examples of social media websites include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Stone Age Technologies recognise that each individual will have specific requirements for their individual website, and so we ensure that are strategized are planned and analysed effectively to achieve the best possible outcomes.

In recent years, the social media site known as Instagram has advertised, promoted and created multi-media interaction for millions of businesses. The extreme popularity of the site has meant that these advertisements have reached a large amount of people, therefore increasing the exposure of these businesses. Similarly, Facebook and YouTube have done the same. Stone Age Technologies intend to use our logistics and strategies to create and maintain your pages and increase your online presence.

Some benefits of Social Media Optimisation include:

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