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Research suggests that approximately 40% of internet users prefer using their mobile phones or tablets to do everything, from searching information, checking e-mails and purchasing products; all whilst on the go. So, a large majority of your customer base could be using their mobile phones and it is up to your business to improve the accessibility of your website.

Stone Age Technologies are very aware of the advances in mobile technology, and encourage newer businesses to adopt an approach to using responsive websites. Responsive websites are websites that are capable of adjusting themselves according to the device and browser which it is viewed on

You must ensure that both mobile and desktop users are receiving the same experience in viewing your website; formats often change for mobile users which can make websites look unappealing and even faulty. Thankfully, our usage of HTML5 CSS3 AND Jquery creates responsive websites that are appropriate for both mobile and desktop users without affecting the websiteu2019s design elements.

We want you and your customers to have the smoothest experience, and our skills in system usage enables a flawless viewing on mobile devices!

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