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SEO Tools

SEO Tools: Ways to Optimize your Site

SEO Tools: The 10 Best ways to Optimize your Site for  Google

Nearly everything you do in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) is dependent on Google. Utilizing Google’s many algorithms is necessary to achieve the objective of getting your content to the top of Google search rankings. Even while SEO mostly uses a single platform, if you try to handle everything on your own, it may rapidly become challenging. The assistance of an SEO company like WebFX, who have been in the business for more than 25 years, is one answer to this issue. But in addition to working with a marketing firm, you can also use Google’s SEO tools to enhance your outcomes. We will go through 10 of the web tools Google has created to assist you maximise the performance of your SEO.

10 Google tools for SEO

The many features of Google’s SEO tools vary from helping you research keywords to showing website stats. Although they don’t even come close to covering all of Google’s possibilities, these tools are among the best available for free.

SEO Tools


  1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the earliest Google SEO tools to take into account. You can basically observe how Google is responding to your website thanks to the Google SEO software Search Console. Search Console will notify you if something on your website causes it to be punished in search results. Although it does need some website setup, the returns are worthwhile. The goal of SEO is to make Google like your website. The reason Google Search Console is such a useful tool is that it informs you right away if your efforts are successful.

  1. Google Autocomplete

You’ve unconsciously utilised one of the most basic Google SEO tools innumerable times. The Google search bar’s autocomplete feature offers a drop-down selection of phrases you may be entering as you begin to type your keyword. Since these terms are based on popular search queries, they can offer you a decent sense of the keywords your SEO material should target. Even while autocomplete often only displays seven or eight possibilities, it’s a quick way to get going. Try out new KeywordsFX tool if you want a quicker keyword tool!

  1. Google Keyword Planner

A helpful tool for identifying potential keywords is Google Autocomplete. However, there are situations when you require more comprehensive results. Use the Google Keyword Planner because of this. To assist you in choosing which keywords to target, Google Keyword Planner also provides you with data on monthly search volume and competition.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the greatest free SEO tools available. You can monitor website metrics using Analytics, same like with Google Search Console. Although some of these measures are similar, others are unique to Analytics. The primary distinction between Search Console and Analytics is that whereas Analytics is more interested in website activity, Search Console concentrates on how Google views your website. You may see information there concerning, among other things, website traffic and conversion rates.

  1. Google Alerts

When you need to identify fresh keywords for your content, you usually use Google Keyword Planner or an alternative to Google Keyword Tool like KeywordsFX. However, other times you already have a certain term in mind that you want to follow. Then you should examine Google Alerts in detail. You can maintain tabs on what’s occurring with particular keywords on Google with the use of the Google Alerts SEO tools. For instance, you can set up alerts for the name of your business to see how many people are looking for it online. To see what you’re up against, you may repeat the process with the names of your rivals.

  1. Google Trends

Another one of Google SEO tools that might assist you in choosing the right keywords to target is Google Trends. However, it might provide you a general understanding of the terms you’ve previously identified rather than just some first thoughts. You may track a keyword’s popularity in search results over time by searching for it in Google Trends. You generally don’t want to employ a keyword if your interest in it quickly fades after doing research on it. You may, however, focus on a term that has just had a rise.

  1. Google Business Profile

Another of the greatest Google SEO tools is Google Business Profile, which lets you not only read information about your company but also provide information about it. You can guarantee visitors are getting accurate search results by keeping your company information up to date. The Google Business Profile may be found if you’ve ever looked for a business and wanted to view its location, phone number, operating hours, and other details. To make it simple for users to discover you, you may enter the same information for your own company.

  1. Google Data Studio

Even while it’s convenient to have access to all the data in the various Google SEO tools, managing so many platforms may be a bit challenging. If you could gather this data in one location, things would be so much simpler. Fortunately, you can accomplish that thanks to Google Data Studio. You may immediately import that data using this Google SEO software’s integration with programmes like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. After that, you may use Data Studio to arrange information into useful charts and graphs.

  1. Google Tag Manager

We’ve previously talked about various resources you may use, like Google Analytics, to monitor visitor activity on your website. However, this behaviour is tracked and documented by website tags, and these tags frequently need to be managed in some way. One of the greatest SEO tools for this is Google Tag Manager.

Tag Manager eliminates the need to often wait in a queue when updating tags. To track the data you desire, you may quickly and easily change your website tags.

  1. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

The Mobile-Friendly Google Testing Tool is the last item on our list of the top free Google SEO tools. Google categorises webpages based on how they seem on mobile devices rather than how they look on desktop computers. Your website must be mobile-friendly for SEO to be successful from a distance. The “Mobile-Friendly Test” tool makes it simple to assess whether this is the case. You can quickly learn if your site is mobile-friendly by entering it. If not, the programme will instruct you on how to resolve the issue.

It’s time to start thinking more strategically if you have solid pillar content (i.e. material targeting relevant keywords) on your website. With the use of numerous SEO tools, it seeks to be an authoritative site rather than just an informational one. With thought leadership and smart content, you can achieve this. In fact, 54% of decision-makers claim to read thought-provoking material related to their industry for more than an hour every week. Nevertheless, 71 percent of readers claim that less than half of the content they read is useful. This indicates that there is a significant opportunity for this material remaining. You have to anticipate inquiries and provide answers to those that haven’t been asked yet.

They want to learn about the current situation straight from industry leaders and subject matter experts. Even if it takes more time and work to produce, this kind of information is worthwhile. By using SEO tools to produce content that other companies are interested in, you may strengthen your brand and increase the number of backlinks in your portfolio.

Tips to create thought-leadership and more strategic content:

  • Keep an eye out for trends about the direction that your industry will go over the next 5 to 10 years and make content that speaks to those trends.
  • Consider typical queries in your sector that data can address. Choose the subjects for which you have the ability and resources to offer pertinent information.
  • Carry out internal or external research using SEO tools, then produce material showcasing your conclusions. By doing this, you’ll position yourself as a pioneer in your field, which can open up more prospects for backlinks from websites that use your material.
  • To keep up with news and events that influence your sector, set up Google Alerts. Be one of the first to write on the topic and to provide your ideas with useful evidence.

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