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New Technology Benefits and Drawbacks in Business

Technology is referred to as the use of scientific information to industry progress. Everyone’s life is touched by technology in some manner. Life would be impossible without technology since everyone is reliant on it. Technology is anything that assists mankind in meeting their requirements and demands. It is not difficult to use, but it does make life simpler. People’s requirements have developed over time, whereas technology has also evolved to satisfy those needs. People used to cook on gas stoves or wood, for example.

People may now readily prepare meals in microwaves or on an induction stove top using electricity, thanks to advances in time and technology. The necessity to make food really hasn’t changed, but the method has. Long-distance calls used to take weeks to complete. Today, there are trustworthy communication sources in form of mobile phones, and everything’s at your disposal. Even technology advanced quicker as people’s needs increased.

We also employ technology to run and promote our firms. There are several advantages and disadvantages of using technology in business. Some of these are covered more below: –

Advantages of Technology in Business

Improved communication:

If you own a business and want to connect with your customers, it is very simple. Communication is now as simple as pressing a button. With the assistance of technology, you may make phone calls, send e – mail, fax, purchase products available on the internet, and do a variety of other things with the press of a button. 

Technology has aided us in providing improved forms of communication. If you miss your loved ones, you no longer have to write them letters to them. Make a video call as well as experience their presence. You may video contact your customer using Skype or another online video calling service. This will save you money and time. Employees inside the business can also communicate with one another using Gmail chat or Skype. 

Increased output:

The technique allows for repeated increases in output. Human efforts and working energy are limited. However, with technology, productivity may be doubled many times more since machines can perform better. The job performed by the computer is more exact and flawless. All of the things are similar, which is impossible to do with human labor. People can now make multiples of their previous earnings because to technological advancements

Data storage:

Storage of data is a critical component of every organization. Data storage in hard copies in workplaces has become obsolete. This is due to the fact that it is highly error-prone and takes up too much space. Businesses may now save information and data on their PCs thanks to technological advancements. Because it is faster to discover a date on a computer than it is to go through physical records, this saves workspaces and time organizing documents. 

You may also keep information online using Cloud services, and then access it from your smartphone, tablet, or computer by connecting them to the internet. The usage of databases to record and store information can encourage speedier decision-making in the workplace. It also enables employees to access corporate data from a single database. The data may then be stored and changed for subsequent use. Using internal systems at work allows employees to share devices such as printers and scanners without having to walk between departments only to share the usage of technical devices.

Personnel hiring:

Workplace technology has the potential to alter how human resource directors do their duties. This enhances the screening, recruitment, and hiring of new staff. The internet is used by the majority of human resource managers to advertise job opportunities.

Candidates interested in such roles can apply online by presenting resumes to human resources managers. This procedure can also assist human resource managers simplify their work and  save time. 

Using technology, it is now simple to hire employees for your company. There are several websites and social media platforms that may assist you in locating a qualified individual that meets your requirements. You may also do an online interview with the person using Skype. Clients and employees may now view the news on all of the companies’ websites. If your company has a vacancy, you may post a job advertisement on your website. With today’s technology, sorting through the CVs of all job hopefuls is simple.

Disadvantages of Technology in Business

Addiction and Online Socializing:

Technology may be a hindrance to corporate growth if rigorous controls are not adopted. Social media networks like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are very addicting and can distract employees, waste their time, and reduce their productivity. Some people are addicted to internet gaming, dating services, and watching movies every night. Some people develop an addiction to internet gambling, which has a variety of consequences. Technology, in addition to everything else, is evil.

Machines that are expensive:

If you want to employ cutting-edge technology in your organization, purchasing cutting-edge equipment is prohibitively expensive for small firms. Cameras, high-speed internet, laptops, printers, and scanners, for example, are all pricey.

Inadequate or no training:

Don’t expect staff to immediately understand how to use new technologies. To get the most out of a technological investment, set aside some time and resources for training. Some employees may despise a new program at first but come to like it after learning how to utilize it effectively and reaping the tangible benefits.

Online-based businesses:

Some types of enterprises rely heavily on internet access. As a consequence, if the internet goes down, their job is suspended. Also, if you save the majority of important data on a computer and it malfunctions, your daily work is halted. As a consequence, you must train your employees to operate even when the internet is unavailable or the computer fails.

Data theft is possible if:

Your data is no longer secure since there are those who understand technology use and have turned into hackers. They will hack your computers, bank accounts, office data, and much more while sitting at home using cutting-edge technology. 

It is now dangerous to distribute OTP and share additional information online since the potential for fraud is significant. Sharing even a small amount of data online obviously indicates that it has a high likelihood of falling into the hands of thieves, terrorists, hackers, and foreign foes.


Technology pervades everyone’s lives. It affects you emotionally, physically, mentally, and environmentally. Technology helps to make society a better place. It allows us the freedom to make our lives simpler and live better. Technology improves communication, medical treatment, and space exploration, and it may be found wherever you look. It contributes to the growth of the present as well as the future. Thus, technology is an important part of our lives and will remain so as it progresses.

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