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Finland Information Technology Industry

Impacts of Finland Information Technology Industry

Well known for its robust Information Technology sector, Finland’s Information Technology (IT) industry remains to be one of the leading industries across the globe. Finland has a higher percentage of graduates under thirty years of age with a degree in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects compared to other countries in the world.

Ever since the 1980s, Finland’s Information technology sector has been thriving. Boosted by its quick-thinking centers, the information technology industry in Finland paved its way to excellence. Finland was part of the internet building project across the European Union region, which contributed to the quick and easy surfing that the country enjoyed. Additionally, Finland saw the rise of an empire – the Nokia Empire. It also initiated the 3G network. Finland was among the first countries to adopt a mobile phone that attracted fame globally. The adoption of mobile phones made communication easier on a global scale, contributing to global economic growth.

The two attributes that Finland pioneered, internet, and communication channels, led to the innovation of a diverse range of information technology services. Due to these information technology innovations, a partnership between governments, companies, and universities in the information communication technology sectors have been successful. This has led to the creation of job opportunities.

Data is an instrumental asset, and each company seeks to ensure that sensitive pieces of information are secure. Finland’s information technology industry has not been left behind. They have invested in cloud cybersecurity infrastructure, one of the emerging cybersecurity technologies, so that they can protect data shared by organizations in the information technology sectors, among many others. Doing so helps prevent millions of pounds or euros from being squandered by cyber attackers and misuse of confidential information. Without a strong data security measure, the negative effects of cyber attacks can sabotage work progress within an organization and even damage the growth of the global economy.

Finland has emerged as a top site for data centers due to its reputation for data security measures. Finland was ranked as the fourth safest country in the world and the safest data center site in the EU by the 2016 Data Center Risk Index. Finland created a dependable electrical grid, upheld political stability, and created dependable and quick data networks to make this possible. The granite bedrock of Finland and the absence of any natural disasters have also improved data security, earning Finland the title of finest location for data centers worldwide.

Finland is home to data centers for tech businesses like Google, Yandex, Equinix, and Microsoft. Furthermore, there is a growing demand to deploy additional multinational data centers in Finland.

Moreover, there is an increased need for software developers in the information technology industry. It has been observed that there are very few software developers graduating not only in Finland but also in other parts of the world. Without software developers, world-class products cannot be produced, which can have a negative effect on business production, and in turn, affect the global economy.

Santeri Muhonen, a software development representative, suggested a solution to this emerging problem. He said that Finland, among many other countries, needs to learn from the example of a few countries like Poland, which saw the need for software developers and took action. The results; “The fruits of that labor are visible today, with as many as 15,000 ICT professionals graduating every year”, says Santeri.

Information technology knowledge and influence are now universal. The sector is needed in daily life interaction and professional growth disciplines like artificial intelligence, information security, and environmental technology. Finland’s government is aiming at enrolling and inviting global talents in information communication technology. Several learning institutions in Finland offer degree programs in information communication technology.

The Finnish government has taken a proactive role in fostering artificial intelligence, AI development in Finland. The goal is for Finland to be one of the top economies in terms of developing and deploying artificial intelligence and platform economies. To assist the Finnish government’s goal, an “AI Business program” was established. This was a $226 million four-year program that began in 2018 and was scheduled to end in 2022. This program benefited Finnish start-ups, SME, midcap, and large companies in all fields developing and utilizing AI and platform business.

The AI Business program provides international networks and export services, such as connecting selected businesses with large global corporations. In Finland, we have several ongoing AI pilots that provide opportunities to various ICT companies.

Top IT Services and Solutions Companies in Finland

If you are looking to hire an IT services and solutions company, you must find the best IT company to meet your needs. Finland is well-known for having the best IT services and solutions companies that can provide dependable IT services to your company. Here are some of Finland’s best IT service and solution providers;

  1. JNT

JNT, Jakobstadsnejdens Telefon Ab, is an IT services provider that provides 100% IT services. It was founded in 1887, making it Finland’s third oldest company in the industry.

JNT’s main market area is in Ostrobothnia, particularly along the coast. It operates in telecom, data, telephony, television, and IT solutions. The company’s headquarters are located at Alholmsgatan 3 in Jakobstad.

2. Espeo Software

Espeo Software is a Financial Technology expert. The company established a strong network of consulting partners comprised of unrivaled experts in Finance & Banking.

Espeo Software operates subsidiaries in Finland, the United States, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates. Their service offerings include software development, information technology services, web development, mobile app development, cloud computing services, and web design (UI/UX). While the client focus is on medium, small, and large businesses.

The Nordic market is the company’s main focus because of its Finnish heritage, although it also works with clients in the UK, the US, and Asia. Successful companies that have put their trust in the company include Tangerine Bank, Global Payments, SISAA, Evo Payments, Anderson Zaks, HLB International, Volt, Sproutt, and CoinTracking.

3. Altoros Labs

A reputable provider of software services with a focus on providing fully managed solutions built on NoSQL databases, using a strong technology stack that includes Microsoft.NET, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Angular, Bootstrap, ReactJS, PWA, JavaScript, Mobile, Cloud, Java, and software development. The company offers managed IT support, personnel augmentation, and application testing in addition to online and mobile development services.

Regions with branches of Altoros Labs include the United States, Finland, Norway, and Argentina.

4. IXO Systems

The business provides small and medium-sized businesses with IT services and solutions. The business, which is based in Helsinki, Finland, sells VoIP and SIP services.

5. Unelma Platforms

Unelma platforms is a software platform development company, based in Espoo Finland, that specializes in cutting-edge software for the higher education, healthcare, and business markets. The company has created a number of projects, software solutions, and services in areas as diverse as higher education, healthcare, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, all of which have directly or indirectly aided large corporations in the software development industry. Unelma Platforms is more than just a software development company; it is a company of dreamers dedicated to making their clients’ dreams a reality with the goal of empowering people.

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