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    Key Questions for Interviewing an Android Developer

    Getting a good Android developer is crucial for your mobile app project. To find the right person, ask these five technical questions during the interview:

    1. Explain the Android application lifecycle.
    Android apps go through different stages like onCreate(), onResume(), onPause(), onDestroy(), etc. A good developer needs to know how these stages work and how to handle them for a smooth user experience.
    2. What’s the difference between Async Task and Thread Pool Executor in Android?
    Both are used for handling background tasks in Android. A skilled developer should be able to explain the differences, when to use each, and why.
    3. How do you make an Android app work better?
    An app’s performance is crucial for happy users. Ask the developer about tricks they use, like using less memory, using less CPU, making layouts work better, and using smart caching.
    4. Explain the Android App Permissions system.
    Android’s permission system is important for keeping user data safe. Ask the candidate how Android deals with permissions, like requesting and checking them while the app is running. Also, check how they handle the new Android 11 permissions.
    5. What’s the Android Jetpack library, and why does it matter for Android development?
    Android Jetpack is like a toolbox from Google to help developers make top-notch apps easily. A good Android developer should know about Jetpack's components like LiveData, ViewModel, and Room and how they make app development easier and better.
    Apart from these techie questions, look into the candidate’s problem-solving skills, their ability to work with APIs, experience with other tools, and their knowledge of what’s best for Android development. You can also throw in some coding exercises to see their skills and the quality of their code.

    Five Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Android Developer

    When hiring an Android developer, it’s crucial to explore their mindset and suitability for the role. Here are five insightful questions that can give you valuable information:

    1. What programming languages are you skilled in?
    I’m proficient in writing code in C++, Java, and Kotlin, and I’ve worked extensively on projects using these languages. In college, I also learned Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, although I haven’t used them in my professional career.
    2. Can you share your most recent project experience?
    My recent project focused on native app development for a radio-cab company. I concentrated on improving payment gateways and introduced a “bill share” feature for riders to split payments. Additionally, I contributed to developing code for postpaid users, but the project paused because the company couldn’t secure partnerships with credit check vendors.
    3. How do you communicate with non-technical clients?
    Communicating with non-tech-savvy clients can be tricky, but I use effective strategies. I often create flowcharts to simplify concepts and avoid technical jargon. When dealing with non- technical individuals like CxOs and product managers, I prefer a Socratic approach, encouraging step-by-step thinking for better understanding.
    4. Why did you choose Android development over iOS?
    I specialize in Android development for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I prefer open-source and public software, which aligns better with the Android platform. Secondly, I haven’t extensively used Apple products due to their higher cost. While I currently specialize in Android, I’m open to learning Swift and iOS SDK if needed.
    5. Have you developed and published your own app?
    Yes, I’ve published my app on the Google Play Store. It’s a freemium reader app supporting various formats in the free version and offering advanced features like Night Mode, RTL reading, an internal media player, and speech-to-text capabilities in the premium version for $5. The app has gained 40,000 downloads with 1,000 premium users and a 3.8 rating.

    If you’re looking to hire an Android developer, I believe my skills and experience make me well- suited for the position.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Connect with Android Developers through SA Recruitment Services International?
    With our help, start a quick and easy 4-step hiring process to find top-notch Android engineers. Provide us with your needs to begin, and we will find the most suitable applicants for you. We’ll set up a conversation to ensure complete clarity. After interviewing the people on your shortlist, make your decision.
    Can I Hire Android Developers for Hourly or Project-Based Work?
    Absolutely, we offer a flexible hiring model to accommodate your hourly or project-based needs.
    What Sets SA Recruitment Services International's Android Developers Apart?
    SA Recruitment Services International’s dedicated Android developers undergo a comprehensive five-stage vetting procedure before joining our team. This ensures multiple rounds of evaluation to eliminate false positives.
    What's the No-Risk Trial Period for SA Recruitment Services International's Android Developers?
    We offer the option for talent to work for up to two weeks (subject to availability). This gives clients the chance to build trust and confidence when making hiring decisions, especially after interviews.
    What If I’m Unsatisfied with the Performance of the Hired Android Developer?
    SA Recruitment Services International offers assistance with replacements or allows you to terminate the agreement with a 30-day notice period, similar to any other employee on your team.
    What's the Cost of Hiring an Android Developer with SA Recruitment Services International?
    The cost of hiring an Android developer through SA Recruitment Services International depends on their skill level—junior, mid-level, or senior. Rates begin at $2000 per month, contingent upon various factors.
    How Does SA Recruitment Services International Evaluate Android Developers?
    Our thorough vetting process includes screening, aptitude assessments, communication and English proficiency evaluations, technical evaluations, and a final interview.
    Can I Secure Android Developers in Under 48 Hours with SA Recruitment Services International?
    Yes, SA Recruitment Services International’s remote hiring allows you to bring dedicated Android developers on board in just 48 hours. You can start interviews once you share your requirements and onboard top talent within two weeks.
    What Are the Advantages of Hiring Android Developers from SA Recruitment Services International?
    What Are the Advantages of Hiring Android Developers from SA Recruitment Services International?
  • Over 40% savings on recruitment costs
  • Flexible time zones
  • Access to the top 3% vetted Angular developers in Hong kong
  • A hassle-free hiring process