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Google Reviews

Google Reviews for SEO

How to Use Google Reviews to Improve Your SEO

Why Google Reviews Affect SEO Rankings?

The basic reason is that Google believes in the effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising. When assessing the search position, it takes into account both the amount and quality of Google reviews. Similar to how consumers utilise Google review purchase to support their purchasing choices, search engines like Google also use this approach.

Given that both consumers and search engines have identical goals, this should not be surprising. In line with what we desire as consumers, Google reviews aim to quickly find you the appropriate information, service, or product from the wide web. Reviews essentially serve as crowdsourced suggestions.

Three primary elements will determine the position of each website displayed when you type a local search phrase into Google reviews, such as “Thai restaurant”:

  • Relevance
  • Distance
  • Prominence

The first two ranking elements go without saying; Google reviews will try to show Thai or Thai fusion restaurant alternatives that are close to you. Reviews fall into the area of significance. If a Thai restaurant in your neighbourhood has fewer, less favourable ratings and Google review purchase, it may outrank the nearby competition if it has hundreds of highly rated evaluations.

We go into further detail about Google reviews’ importance to SEO success below.

google reviews

How Much Influence Do Google Reviews Have on SEO?

A lot. Online Google reviews are the sixth most important factor that affects a company’s ranking, according to a research. As of 2017, Google reviews have a greater than 20% yearly influence on SEO. This number will only increase as more and more people utilise internet reviews to guide their purchasing decisions.

Additionally, Google Maps and Google review purchase are complementary. Businesses may improve their exposure, acquire a competitive advantage, and improve their positions on SERPs with the use of an optimised Google listing. Google review purchase takes into account the number, calibre, regularity, and freshness of internet reviews.

This indicates that the well-known search engine is more likely to take into account companies who consistently receive a big number of positive reviews and star ratings.

Role of User-Generated Content

Regular content production is crucial for SEO. Because Google review’s algorithms rely on recent material to determine if a website is active, businesses spend in content marketing. However, maintaining consistent with the content approach is not simple.

The user-generated material might be useful in this situation. User-generated Google reviews purchase content provides search engine crawlers with genuine and up-to-date content. Examples include images, videos, and Q&As about the items that are posted through social media platforms.

Genuine consumers expressing their ideas, google reviews purchase experiences, and suggestions without being pushy show Google reviews purchase that a company has market dominance. In other words, rather than merely listening to what a firm has to say, search engine crawlers also take into account what others are saying about it.

The Volume of Google Reviews

A company with a lot of Google reviews and a good rating of google reviews purchases would probably appear higher in SERPs. The fact that many of these evaluations will include pertinent keywords, particularly long-tail keywords, which individuals employ to convey their ideas, contributes to this association.

As a result of Google reviews purchase removing anonymous ratings, numerous websites saw their rankings drop. This alone suggests that the quantity of online Google reviews has a direct impact on how well a website gets ranked. Additionally, it highlights the fact that the algorithms value both number and quality of reviews.

Online Reputation Management

A company’s reputation is influenced by Google reviews purchase, both positive and negative. The lifeblood of SEO is gathering new reviews on reputable directories like TrustPilot, Google My Business, and Yelp. Naturally, this prompts the question, “What about negative Google reviews?”

Given the debate up to this point, it would be reasonable to assume that rankings will suffer as a result of unfavourable Google reviews. That’s not the case, though.

A position is not lost because of one strange review. For instance, a Google review left as a result of a late shipment or a chance contact with a snarky boss is unlikely to have an impact on a company’s reputation or its ranking on Google reviews purchase. However, believable and persuasive claims of financial malfeasance will result in a very bad reputation and may cause a drop in rating.

As a result, the type of Google reviews themselves is just as important for SEO as their quantity.

For all company, keeping a positive internet reputation and Google reviews is essential. It not only offers social evidence, but it may also be the difference between a consumer choosing to work with you now versus a nearby rival tomorrow due to Google review purchase.

Did you know that 91% of customers look up local companies online before visiting them?

This number should be sufficient to persuade you that it is worthwhile to incorporate internet reviews into your overall SEO effort.

Benefits of online reviews

Although it might seem obvious, having favorable Google reviews increases the likelihood that customers will choose your company on Google review purchases.  According to an annual research done by BrightLocal, 84% of respondents trust Google reviews as much as a personal referral from a friend.

So let’s delve a little more into the justifications for why you ought to take Google review purchase seriously.

Improve your SEO ranking with Google Review Purchases

Google review purchase may make your company stand out from the competition because they frequently appear next to listings in search results. Additionally, it has been demonstrated in several studies that having favorable evaluations helps raise your company’s placement in the SERPS (search engine results pages).

Google review purchase can account for up to 13% of Google Review’s local search ranking variables, according to a yearly poll of local SEO specialists conducted by Moz. The most crucial ranking elements for both local pack and localized organic rankings are broken down in the pie chart below.

  • Local Pack vs Local Organic Ranking through Google Review Purchase

Local organic ranking refers to the top 10 organic search results seen on page one, whereas local pack Google review purchase ranking refers to the three highlighted listings at the top of Google Review’s search results.

Google Reviews

  • Rank and Average Google Review Rating and Quantity

Digital Marketing Works discovered a significant relationship between rank and the average review rating and quantity in a research for the hospitality sector. The organisation looked at over 4500 hotel search results across 47 US locations. Unsurprisingly, they discovered that Google reviews favour hotels that are near to the city’s centre.

But in addition to other elements like physical location, hotels also performes better depending on the quantity and calibre of Google review purchase, leading researchers to the conclusion that Google reviews are the most crucial element when it comes to inclusion and ranking for SEO.

purGoogle reviews is now displaying third-party review summaries in the Local Knowledge Panel in addition to Google My Business (GMB) ratings, indicating that they are giving Google reviews purchase more weight and that this will help SEO.

google reviews

Influence buying decisions

Positive Google reviews may also raise conversion rates, which is advantageous for SEO and increases client inquiries and purchases. 90% of consumers, according to a Bright Local survey, thought that favourable Google reviews had previously affected their purchasing decisions, which benefited SEO. Hence Google reviews purchases can boost your content.

The survey also revealed that 68% of consumers will read between one to six reviews before deciding to trust a firm, and 90% of consumers will read just 10 evaluations or fewer before forming an opinion about it. Contrary to popular belief, customers’ primary concern when evaluating a local business is the average star rating on Google reviews purchase, even if they don’t read the full review.

The graph above demonstrates how important it is to have many favourable Google reviews in order to boost SEO.

How to encourage customers to leave a Google review to boost your SEO ranking

Priorities come first. Make sure your GMB listing is complete and that you have claimed it. Check out this setup tutorial if you need assistance.

The following step is to confirm that your GMB listing for Google reviews purchase has at least 5 favourable reviews.

BrightLocal reports that 7 out of 10 clients will provide a Google review if requested. It’s crucial for businesses to set up a system that makes it simple for clients to post reviews.

Sending out an email to customers thanking them for their business and asking them to post a Google review purchased might suffice.

If there isn’t a link that directs them to the page where you want them to write the Google review purchase, then it’s likely that they won’t.

Future clients will perceive your company as more reliable if you receive more good evaluations. It’s critical to go back to consumers who take the time to submit Google review purchase in order to maximise the advantages of this technique. Customers will see that you care and appreciate their feedback if you do this, and it will also inspire others to post reviews.


Reviews are becoming increasingly crucial to a business’s overall performance as more consumers turn to the internet to find local companies. Positive customer Google review ratings have the capacity to affect consumers’ purchasing patterns and, ultimately, the companies they choose to work with. This implies that by using this method, internet Google review purchases may assist businesses in establishing credibility and trust more quickly than ever before. Google  Review on Google My Business/Listing are directly correlated with improved ranking in both your listing results and standard SERP results and lead you to think of doing Google review purchase.

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