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Ecommerce in Today’s Marketplace

What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce has made the purchase and selling of many items and services possible, which was effected by the internet and technological advancements. This article reviews the impact of e-commerce in today’s global marketplace.

Ecommerce (electronic commerce) is the online selling and buying of goods and services. Ecommerce services are available to companies and individuals alike. Electronic gadgets such as smartphones, computers, and tablets facilitate e-commerce which is offered in a variety of market segments. Today, nearly every product or service is available via e-commerce. This includes electronics, beauty products, financial services, and more.

Ecommerce offers less expensive and more effective distribution channels for their goods or services. Through this, small businesses that have a limited market reach can expand their reach and establish a stronger market presence.

Ecommerce Dominance in the Marketplace Today

Ecommerce has thrived to become the dominant mode of business globally. Businesses and organizations are investing in e-commerce to widen their market and reach more people. Ecommerce has also changed the shopping culture and online shopping has brought the world closer together.

In 2022, it is estimated that the worldwide ecommerce market would reach $5.55 trillion worth. It is anticipated that this number will increase over the next years, showing that e-commerce highly dominates today’s marketplace. Online retail sales are expected to reach a high of $6.17 trillion by 2023, accounting for 22.3% of total online sales.

Various factors such as mobile shopping, resilience in the supply chain, and technological advancement have facilitated ecommerce dominance. Ecommerce continues to expand and revolutionize the global marketplace.

Biggest Ecommerce Companies Around the World

The top ecommerce companies in the world include:


Amazon is commonly referred to as the king of ecommerce. The internet company was founded in 1994 and has been a leading online shopping platform for years. Amazon currently has the biggest revenue globally.

Alibaba Group Holding Limited 

Most online shoppers have bought something from Alibaba or AliExpress. Alibaba is a legendary ecommerce platform based in China, founded in the 1990s by Jack Ma. The ecommerce retailer company is currently the world’s largest retailer, having operations in over 200 countries.


Jingdong or is China’s biggest ecommerce company. The company was founded in 1998and has billions of registered users. Jingdong boasts of an efficient tech delivery system that entails robots, drones, and artificial intelligence.

Otto Group 

Otto Group is a European-based e-commerce company that has dominance in retail e-commerce and mail order. The company operates in more than 20 countries and is expanding its services into the real estate and financial services sectors.

The Effect of Ecommerce on Malls Around the World

Electronic commerce has impacted business operations and brought changes in different sectors. Malls are commonly associated with businesses and offer business premises for many retailers. However, retailers today cannot rely on physical presence alone, as online presence is crucial. Ecommerce offers a reliable alternative for businesses to operate, thus reducing the need for a physical location, mainly for small businesses.

Malls bring various businesses together, thus allowing shoppers to access different suppliers at one location. This mode of retail attracts more physical buyers. Ecommerce on the other hand offers convenience and more varieties of goods and services for buyers to choose from.

Additionally, e-commerce has become a preference for many small businesses. Retailers use e-commerce to make sales without the need to spend on physical space. Ecommerce also helps retailers to reach a wider market, making it a suitable option for numerous businesses. This e-commerce trend has resulted in malls all over the world experiencing a decline in clients.

Who are the Online Buyers and Why Do They Prefer Online Buying?

Online buyers are people who purchase items or services online. According to statistics, millennials are the top online buyers globally. Some of the reasons why online buyers prefer online buying include:


There is a wide variety of goods and services to select from. If you need to purchase a type of sportswear, for instance, there are numerous brands available online that you can review and purchase.


Through e-commerce, buyers can purchase items and services in the comfort of their location. Buyers are required to have internet and necessary gadgets such as smartphones to make online purchases.

Easy Shopping

It can be tedious moving around in search of a preferred item or service to purchase. Ecommerce offers an easy shopping experience where shoppers navigate various e-commerce sites through gadgets without moving around.

Online Discounts

Discounts attract numerous online shoppers, and they are frequent on many e-commerce platforms. Most online retailers offer discounts to attract user clicks which increases their market and sales.


Ecommerce platforms have confidentiality clauses that protect the privacy of their buyers and users. This protects the personal information of users and buyers, allowing them to sell and shop in a secure environment.

Ecommerce has resulted in a change in market trends and the marketplace today. More businesses, especially small enterprises are adapting e-commerce to reach a wider market and thrive. It is estimated that the impact of e-commerce will increase in the coming years. Business owners should therefore consider e-commerce as a business advancement strategy.

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