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Website Development Services

Contrary to popular belief, website development services aren’t just based on appearance. Our impeccable skills and experience have helped us recognize the importance of website efficiency and accurately representing your business and the importance of website efficiency and accurately representing your business.

Our website development services focus on creating websites that not only look great but also function seamlessly, providing your customers with an optimal user experience and helping your business achieve its goals.

You may be asking yourself:

Why do you need a company like ours?

Anybody that visits a website has the choice to either stay or go elsewhere; our job is to ensure that your visitors turn into customers by staying on your webpage. Stone Age Technologies has the skills and professionalism to develop your website and ensure that it excels in the market.

Web Development Services
Web Development Services


Website Development Services

Why do most websites fail?

Many businesses opt for alternatives that sacrifice their place in the market and ultimately lead to their failure. 

However, here at Stone Age Technologies, we know that our clients deserve better. Our Website Development Services are designed to provide customized and innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client, ensuring a seamless online presence and user experience. You will benefit from a 1-week trial by trying out our website development services.

We can support you by designing, customizing, and structuring your website specifically to meet the needs of your company. To do this, you must consider your target market, sales strategy, customer interests, and USP. We can then use this information to navigate and code your website to prevent you from repeating the mistakes of unsuccessful businesses.

What will we do?


Website Development Services

We have carefully highlighted the common problems which we see on many websites, and have evaluated how we can solve them:

Stone Age Technologies prosper in delivering this quality service to businesses like yours and many more, so why sacrifice such an opportunity?

Don’t hesitate and contact us today and exceed online sales!

Web Development Services

CMS Based Website

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to freely manage and monitor the contents of your website using an admin panel. In fact, you don’t even need to understand web languages, which is what makes it so straightforward and effective. With this system, you canedit existing pages, publish new pages, add an online store, create web forms as well as customise features easily. More importantly, there is an unlimited number of pages and a full-site search engine that creates many benefits:

But when using a CMS, you will still need a web development company, like Stone Age Technologies, to create the custom website theme, create custom plugins and edit existing plugins according to your requirements.

Our company have worked with a variety of open source content management systems and our experience enables us to build you a CMS that is both cost-effective and product effective.

Custom Website Design

Appearance and aesthetics are key elements to attracting visitors. Your website embodies the character of your business and should leave a lasting impression on your potential customers. Our clients don’t settle for incompetency, so why should you?

Custom Website Design should be catered to your needs specifically, and include programmed features such as comment sections, forums, photo galleries, event calendars, secure logins and more! It helps you to control costs and features and to project your vision onto a screen.

Stone Age Technologies aim to utilise your aims, objectives, and requirements to develop the best customised website that increases your online presence and represent your brand exceptionally to have a lasting impact on your customers

Web Development Services
Web Development Services

E-Commerce Website

Can any business survive in this very fast-changing business environment today, without an e-commerce solution?

In reality, the answer is no.

Online shopping is a revolutionary concept that has allowed companies to prosper in selling products to anybody. E-commerce has eliminated time and distance barriers and has instead introduced shopping 24/7. Not to mention, your small investment will be very worthwhile for the exponential profits that you’ll be rewarded with!

You can access the large variety of shopping cart software in the market, ranging from custom coded shopping carts to open source shopping carts, and it is up to you to determine which suits you best.

Some features of a successful e-commerce website include –

We empower our clients to boost their market presence while focusing on their profitability as our benchmark. You have the chance to extend your distribution channel to millions of customers, worldwide. Why miss such an opportunity?

Mobile Website

Research suggests that approximately 40% of internet users prefer using their mobile phones or tablets to do everything, from searching information, checking e-mails and purchasing products; all whilst on the go. So, a large majority of your customer base could be using their mobile phones and it is up to your business to improve the accessibility of your website.

Stone Age Technologies are very aware of the advances in mobile technology, and encourage newer businesses to adopt an approach to using responsive websites. Responsive websites are websites that are capable of adjusting themselves according to the device and browser which it is viewed on

You must ensure that both mobile and desktop users are receiving the same experience in viewing your website; formats often change for mobile users which can make websites look unappealing and even faulty. Thankfully, our usage of HTML5 CSS3 AND Jquery creates responsive websites that are appropriate for both mobile and desktop users without affecting the website’s design elements.

We want you and your customers to have the smoothest experience, and our skills in system usage enables a flawless viewing on mobile devices!

Mobile Website

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