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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development is when an app is designed specifically for mobile devices, like Web Application Development, however it benefits from the features of operating systems, like android and iOS. 

Different coding must be written for specific devices such as Androids, iPhones, Windows phones and more. However, companies must synchronise large codes and, whenever a small change needs to be made, all applications across platforms must be updated. To avoid this, developers build websites using HTML5 and Jquery, which allow applications to work efficiently on all platforms whilst also making them easier to update if necessary.

Stone Age Technologies thrive in treating customers right. We must prioritize practicality across devices and deliver what the client wants – all focus on mobile application development should be on their preferences only, but it is our duty to endure that internal applications are secure and resourceful.

The best mobile applications must be carefully coded to be elastic, independent, API oriented and responsive to the client’s needs. Precision is a key element in developing operating systems to your standards and to help achieve your aims as a company.

A substantial amount of people, including your customers, use the Internet on smartphones and tablets; so why should they be forgotten about?

Reach your entire market today with the help of Stone Age Technologies and take your business to new heights!

Mobile Application Development

iPhone App Development

Stone Age Technologies recognise the vast amount of Apple users, from iPhones to iPads, and the impressive success of the multibillion-dollar organisation with just a few years in operation. Their unique selling point? iOS – an operating system capable of multitasking, creativity and graphics that cater to future consumer demand.

We ensure to stay up to date with new trends in the ever-changing world of Mobile App Development, providing us with new knowledge of Apple’s applications that can help cater to your requirements, allowing you to stand out in the market.

Do you have a business plan?

Do you have a large potential customer base?

Do you need exposure?

Look no further, as our talented team can enliven your vision by developing an excellent, but affordable iOS application, expanding your market further!

Our customised iPhone AppDevelopment services include:

Android App Development

Android is the most popular operating system that has been successfully operating for years as a market leader in many countries, and is available across many different devices, unlike Apple. It is mainly used for touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets. This means that the demand for Android applications is increasing substantially…so why limit yourself?

Stone Age Technologies pride in offering the finest app development solutions for Android globally, to both corporations and individuals. Our team possess the necessary skills and experience that can advance the features of Android’s operating system.

Our Android App Development Services include:

Android Application Development
Mobile Application Development

Windows App Development

Microsoft have developed Windows Mobile for smartphones and tablets. For this operating system, software can be developed by third parties, allowing a variety of options for developers when installing mobile applications.

We have an expert team that can develop Windows Apps of any size and any time.

Our Windows App Development Services include:

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