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Internet Marketing is best known as businesses utilising the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages, in order to encourage potential customers to purchase products. This includes marketing via emails, search engines, social media, displays and mobile.

Our simple and smart Internet Marketing services combine all the right promotional methods for your online website, including –

Internet Marketing

We are confident that we will increase your received customers and online sales by improving the visibility of your company across search engines and websites. Using our strong understanding of Internet Marketing, SEO services and effective marketing strategies, we’ll give your business its final push to success!

Link Building

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Monthly SEO Task

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On Page SEO

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is our way of ensuring that your website gets the visibility that it deserves. Our previous experience has proven our SEO techniques to be strong and effective. We intend to use the best and most reliable techniques to gain as much appeal for your website as possible, but we will also consider your website’s budget, size, industry and purpose. 

Stone Age Technologies intend to maximise your use of keywords to ensure that your website is one of the first to appear in search results. It is also understood that elements of your website aren’t entirely responsible for your position on search results, so in addition, we aim to overcome issues such as link popularity.

We also avoid penalisation to any extent, as our skilled team are aware of unsuitable techniques and will find safer and securer alternatives to ensure that your time and effort are worthwhile. Here at Stone Age Technologies, we intend to use our excellent services in your best interests to give you the success that you’ve worked for.

If there are any questions or queries regarding our SEO services, feel free to contact us at any time.

SEO Audit

To have an efficient and effective search engine, there must be an SEO Audit, which is where we use Onpage and Offpage SEO and tool guidelines to give an analysis of your website.

Stone Age Technologies will provide this service to detect any faults in your website using tools and manual audits to cater to all your SEO needs. This includes a thorough analysis of your website, using internet strategies to maximise promotions.

The best thing? It is free of charge.

Stone Age Technologies understand that SEO Audits are essential for promoting and editing online marketing campaigns. Our knowledgeable team will target competitive factors that will make your website stand out amongst many others, to maximise the opportunity for you to gain popularity and revenue!

Internet Marketing

Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation involves the use of social media to achieve the marketing and branding goals of a company.  The main focus of this feature is to achieve traffic from outside of search engines. Social media includes social networks, pictures and videos. Social media is essential in modern society for brand awareness and communications to both current and potential customers. Examples of social media websites include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Stone Age Technologies recognise that each individual will have specific requirements for their individual website, and so we ensure that are strategized are planned and analysed effectively to achieve the best possible outcomes.

In recent years, the social media site known as Instagram has advertised, promoted and created multi-media interaction for millions of businesses. The extreme popularity of the site has meant that these advertisements have reached a large amount of people, therefore increasing the exposure of these businesses. Similarly, Facebook and YouTube have done the same. Stone Age Technologies intend to use our logistics and strategies to create and maintain your pages and increase your online presence.

Some benefits of Social Media Optimisation include:

Link Building

Efficient Link Building is essential in the search engine rankings of a website, especially following the changes in Google’s algorithm. If you’re interested in operating online, you’ll need web traffic for search engine visibility, which can be achieved by using the best SEO and link building services.

We work to get quality links to your website from industry-related, popular websites. These links will help determine your Google Page Rank and placement on the major search engines. Good backlinks can make a website rank well and, conversely, lack of quality backlinks will leave your site in the depths of the search engine rankings.

Stone Age Technologies want to provide you with the best working links for your website which will contribute to your position on Google pages and other search engines. No business wants to be overlooked amongst competitors, so why should you take that risk?

Some of our Link Building strategies include:

Some of the benefits of link building services include:

We want to maximise these benefits to ensure your success in keeping a high search engine ranking. Any links that we provide will be what you need and more. Don’t hesitate to contact Stone Age Technologies for all your Link Building needs!

Internet Marketing

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