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Looking for a qualified hiring firm? We’re here to assist you with hiring services solutions at Stone Age Technologies.

We are a reliable and experienced recruitment company that offers a wide range of hiring services solutions to both employers and job seekers in Asia, Europe and Americas. We are dedicated to finding the best talent for our clients and helping candidates find their dream job.

Our team of experts utilizes cutting-edge technology and industry-specific knowledge to identify and attract top talent, ensuring our clients have access to the best candidates in the market.

Hiring Solution Services

Hiring Process

Hiring Solution Services

We find out more about the job and your business

We conduct research on the organization while examining the nature of the job position, as well as the responsibilities attached to it, the tasks that must be done, and the skills needed. Next, we choose the best method for evaluating candidates and the best way to communicate while working together. Our hiring solution services goal is to ensure that the candidate selected for the job is the best fit for the organization and has the potential to grow within it. We also take into account any potential challenges that may arise and develop strategies to address them.

We look for applicants using databases and social media

We look through our private candidate database, trawl social media, and search other online CV databases to find candidates before approaching them. Additionally, we reach out to candidates who have previously taken part in searches, been interviewed, and had their qualifications assessed. This proactive approach allows us to identify and engage with highly qualified candidates who may not be actively seeking new opportunities, but are open to considering them. By building relationships with these candidates, we can quickly connect them with our clients’ job openings when they arise.

Hiring Solution Services

We post Job advertisements on Job Websites and Social Media

We design a captivating job posting and extend an invitation to interested parties. In rare  circumstances, confidential job postings are employed. Along with Facebook and  LinkedIn, we also post job listings on the most well-liked job websites. This method allows us to reach a wider audience while still maintaining the confidentiality of the job opening. We also ensure that only qualified candidates are able to access the job description and apply for the position.

We Interview Candidates and Assess their Abilities

With the aid of structured competency interviews, we can determine a candidate’s suitability for the position and how they have previously handled challenging or time-constrained circumstances at work.

Hiring Solution Services
Hiring Solution Services

We Assemble Records

We obtain records from the former “employers, coworkers, and/or subordinates of your chosen candidate” in order to confirm their qualifications and accomplishments as well as to authenticate information gathered during the assessment phase.

We Offer Assistance and Guidance

Within the parameters of our cooperation, we guarantee professional assistance. In addition, we support candidates in negotiating job offers, and after the employee starts working, we continue to provide feedback to both the applicant and the employer, giving the chosen employee an assurance.

Hiring Solution Services

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