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Prime Minister Office - Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak Biography

Born in 12 May 1980, Rishi Sunak is a British politician of Hindi background, he ascended to serve as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on 25th October 2022 taking over from Liz Truss who had defeated him 6 weeks earlier to the position but later she resigned.

Mr. Rishi Sunak is a son of Immigrants; his grandparents emigrated from Punjab in northwestern India, to East Africa, where his mother and father were born in Tanzania and Kenya, respectively.

The parents met and married after their families migrated in the 1960sto Southampton in southern England.

Rishi Sunak’s father became a general practitioner for the National Health Service. His mother, a Pharmacist, owned and operated a small pharmacy, for which Rishi Sunak, the eldest of their three children, would eventually keep the books. Later, during his political career, Rishi Sunak would draw parallels between his experiences working in the family business and the values he gained from them and those of Conservative Party icon Margaret Thatcher, the daughter of a grocer.

His political career has been a fairy tale as Mr. Rishi Sunak only served as an MP for 7 years before rising to the Prime Minister position.

The political fairytale began in 2010; Rishi Sunak began working for the Conservative Party. During this period, he also became involved with Policy Exchange, a leading Conservative think tank, for which he became head of the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME)Research Unit in 2014. That year Policy Exchange published a Portrait of Modern Britain, apamphlet that Rishi Sunak wrote with Saratha Rajeswaran, deputy head of the BME unit.

In2014, Rishi Sunak was chosen as the Conservative Party’s candidate for the House of Commons,
representing Richmond in North Yorkshire, a safe Conservative seat in the north of England long held by one-time party leader (1997–2001) William Hague.

Fast forward, May 2015 Sunak was elected by a commanding majority. He was a staunch supporter of Brexit when he first took office and was firmly in the “leave” camp. He argued that Brexit will make the UK “freer, fairer, and more prosperous.” He would be re-elected to Parliament. He will be remembered for his firm stand in 2017 and 2019, where he voted three times in favour of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit policy between two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and seventeen, he was a member of Environment Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee and parliamentary private secretary at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. In January 2018, he was appointed to his first ministerial post as under secretary of state at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Rishi Sunak became a vocal supporter of Boris Johnson’s pursuit of the party’s leadership. When Johnson became leader and prime minister, Rishi Sunak was promoted to be the chief secretary to the Treasury.

Mr. Rishi Sunak is also known for being the fourth youngest person ever to hold the position of the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the treasury at the age of thirty nine, this happened during Rishi Sunak’s tenure as second-in-command at the Treasury ministry, tensions were rising between his boss, Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid, and Johnson that forced Javid to resign in February 2020.However it was not a smooth sailing for Mr. Rishi Sunak as Almost immediately Sunak was faced with the manifold challenges brought about by the arrival of the Covid-19 global pandemic in his country, Great Britain. As the British economy was clobbered by the shutdowns imposed by the government in an attempt to stem the spread of the covid-19.

During Covid 19 turmoil, Mr Rishi Sunak gained so much plaudits for it is believed Sunak employed the powers of his office to try to offset the economic and human damage. He instituted a broad economic-support program that dedicated some funds in emergency funds for businesses and salary subsidies for workers aimed at job retention and easing the burden of the lockdown for individuals and companies alike. Those rescue programs were widely popular, and the polished, poised Sunak became the welcome face of the government at daily press conferences where the prime minister appeared less composed and earned him title ‘Sexiest MP’ due to the portrait of Sunak that arose during the pandemic time was that of a super slick, social-media savvy, immaculately dressed, handsome, but down-to-earth politician. “Dishy Rishi” and he was named “Britain’s sexiest MP” in 2020.

Mr. Rishi Sunak got credit with his policies however since not everything can be perfect, some critics also faulted his style of doing things with the popular one to uplift bars and restaurants where Sunak initiated “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme, aimed at supporting restaurants and pubs with government-subsidized food and drinks, was viewed by some observers as a resounding success, although critics pointed out that it probably contributed significantly to the development of a catastrophic increase in COVID-19 cases.

Mr. Rishi Sunak is equally surrounded with back clash and controversies in his life; his gleaming brand was tarnished, however, by a series of disclosures in April 2022. The information that his wife, an Indian citizen and non-domiciled U.K. resident, had applied for a tax status that exempted her from paying British taxes on her foreign earnings may have been the most damaging. Over the course of about seven and a half years, she may have saved as much as £20 million ($24 million) in U.K. taxes. Although lawful, the maneuver damaged Sunak’s reputation, and Murthy moved quickly to change her tax status. When it was discovered that Sunak had been holding onto a green card for U.S. residency until late October 2021, that appeared to indicate a desire to maintain his options open, Sunak’s patriotism was also questioned. Finally, Sunak was charged by the police in April 2022 for attending Johnson’s birthday party at his office in 2020 while in violation of the government’s rules against social gatherings at that stage of the pandemic. Sunak argued that he accidentally showed up at the party since he arrived early for a meeting with the prime minister.

The year 2022 however had mixed fortunes for Mr. Rishi Sunak a known loyalist to Mr. Johnson the former prime minister resigning as a secretary, losing to Lis Truss the Prime minister position before capturing the position again few weeks later, when the series of scandals involving Johnson’s integrity and honesty expanded to include the prime minister’s mishandling of allegations of sexual misconduct against former Conservative deputy chief whip Chris Pincher, Sunak joined Javid, then serving as health secretary, in resigning from the cabinet on July 5, 2022. Their prominent resignations contributed greatly to the groundswell of opposition within the Conservative Party that eventually forced Johnson’s resignation as party leader. Although some quarters saw Sunak’s action as traitorous, he was quick to declare his intention to replace Johnson as leader with a cannily produced campaign video that was released hot on the heels of Johnson’s announcement that he was stepping down.

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