Amazing California and the IT industry facts sheet

On September 9, 1850, California became the 31st state. The name California is said to have come from
the early 16th-century romance las Sergas De Esplandian (Esplandian's Adventures), which presented
California as a land rich in gold and valuable stones. The Europeans colonized California, resulting in a
culturally diverse state in terms of language. California is a state in the United States located in the
western section of the country. California borders Oregon to the north, Nevada, and Arizona to the East,
Mexican state Baja towards the south, has a shoreline alongside the Pacific Ocean to the west, with over
39.2 million citizens throughout an area of approximately163,696 square miles. California is far the third
largest state in the US. The capital city of California is Sacramento. Many Californian architects are
influenced by the Spanish settlers who came during the 18th and 19th centuries. The nickname of
California is the Golden state.
In the state of California in 1848, the California Gold Rush started that year, and nearly 2 billion in gold
was extracted from the earth before even mining was dormant. This led to many changes in immigration
into California, the economy, and the California genocide of indigenous people.
Although California has most influences from Hispanic and Mexican cultures, which were the initial
immigrant populations from Latin America and Asia, the culture of the state is predominantly western.
Even today, 40% of California's population is Hispanic or Latino, and 30% of those who speak Spanish are
Hispanic or Latino.
The political system of California can only be described by starting with the first fact that California is
known as a very liberal (blue) state. This mainly means that in California, almost everyone will vote
democratically in a presidential election since most people in California consider themselves democrats.
The democratic theory believes that everyone governs and has the most influence on politics in
California. Two major political parties in California are extremely polarized and have extremely high
partisanship. Most local elections in California are non-partisan. Meaning there will not be printed
papers showing the party which a candidate is affiliated with, which will not be put on top of the ballot,
due to this, a candidate's preference will not be disclosed to the public, making it a lot harder for the
political candidates in California. Political Candidates in California have to make their agendas known
rather than just relying on their political affiliations to be elected because non-partisan elections are
held. Candidates owe nothing to the party for their success, during the election in California, a politician
will be able to move up the political ladder based on the impact they had made during their previous
role in the government.
Despite the fact that many politicians are based outside of California, special interest groups play a
significant role in the state's political system by spending large sums of money on lobbying and
producing media advertisements, all of which are used to sway voters and elected officials on major
political issues.
California's government is governed by the Californian constitution, which employs the Separation of
Powers method to assist the structure of the state's government.

The California government consists of three branches. One is the executive, which consists of the
governor of California, and other officers, who are elected constitutionally and appointed. The second
one is the legislative, which consists of the state legislature, which includes the assembly, the Senate,
and the judicial, which is the Supreme Court of California and the lower court. The governor of California
is Gavin Newsom. The minimum tenure for holding a position in the California government is two terms,
with one term consisting of a four-year period.
California's economy is the largest in the US, with a growth rate of about 3.4 trillion dollars economy of
California has immensely grown over the years making California one of the best States.
During the 1960s and 1970s, California was the top exporter of manufactured goods; for example, in the
1970s, California was known as Silicon Valley because it was the leader in computer and electronics
Due to this, California's booming economy attracted highly educated workers from all over the world at
the end of the twentieth century. It is estimated that 12 percent of the US population is leaving and
working in California, making California a major contributor to the nation's job market growth of around
16 percent.
The success of California’s economy is mostly attributed to many different factors, according to the New
York Times. The major factors said to contribute are the real estate and manufacturing industries.
However, there are other factors that have contributed to the growth of California. One of those factors
has to do with the agriculture industry, whereby California has contributed 47B to the entire state's
economy since California makes up 12.5 percent of all the agricultural productions for all the other 50
states. The agriculture industry has created an impact on other sectors, which includes shipping and
warehousing. All of the agriculture happens in the golden state central valley. The vegetables and fruits
produced are asparagus, grapes, lettuce, orange, rice, shelled almonds, tomatoes, and milk being the
primary produce. Another industry that boosted California’s economy is film and television, otherwise
known as Hollywood. It was established in California due to its sunny weather. Movies became more
popular in the 1900s, which led to more demand than supply. This factor grew Hollywood. California’s
beautiful location is also attributed to the film industry's growth. The film industry in California has also
impacted other sectors like tourism, especially film tourism.
The travel and tourism industry is the most booming industry in California visitors from around the
world spend hundreds of millions vacationing in California, contributing to 1.2 California residents with
In the tech industry, Silicon Valley also has a share in the boost of California’s economy. California is
home to the majority of tech giants. The IT industry is anticipated to have contributed 229 billion dollars
to California's gross income.
The construction industry is the fastest growing industry in California. All this is attributed to the various
never-ending projects in the state. One of these projects is the 2028 Summer Olympics, which will be
held in Los Angeles. As a result, several new buildings and sports venues have been built.

During the colonialism of California, if one wanted to get promoted, the criteria that maddened a
promotion was literacy. The Spanish policy meant to control their citizens by opposing education, which
did not go for so long. Since the hunger for learning immerged, the first school in California was opened
in 1795 by Manuel de Vargas, a retired soldier in San Jose. Since then, education grew into modern
times regardless of the past challenges. Education in California consists of public and private entities
starting from kindergarten level to high school and prestigious universities like the US Berkley and the
University of Southern California. These universities are ranked so high even 107 Nobel Prize winners
are said to come out of UC Berkley. The universities also offer programs for working adults, summer
programs for high schoolers, and open lectures for Californian residents. Most students yearn to study
in California in order for them to get chances of getting good jobs in well-known companies in California
like apple and Silicon Valley and colleges that help the people of the community who want to save their
The California Department of Education provides assistance oversight and resources to ensure that
every Californian has the opportunity to get an education. It is said that the quality of schools and
education people can get decides how many possibilities they get to be close to success.
California has a very wonderful climate. It has a year-round sunny climate with an average of 260 days of
sunshine per year. However, California is known for its unpredictable weather conditions, meaning one
should be prepared for potential natural disasters, virtual storms, flooding, and drought. California also
experiences mild winters even though the weather can be good and sometimes unexpected conditions
in California. One can enjoy the great outdoors regardless of the season.
California celebrates a very diverse population making it one of the most diversified States to live in.
You'll come across a diverse group of people who speak various languages and follow a variety of
traditions. Different types of Arts painters, such as David Park, Elmer Bischoff, and Richard Diebercon, all
of whom are from California, can be seen. With a slew of galleries and a diverse range of music,
California has established a strong art sector.
When people think about California, they think about the hippie lifestyle notorious for the bohemian
The cost of living in California is considerably high, so one should consider the financial implications they
will have to make for them to be able to live according to the Lifestyle of California. All these come from
high property prices, taxes, and high expenses, with health Utility transportation and medical expenses
above the normal range more than in any other state in the US. However, even if the cost of living is
high in California, the income rate is also high, meaning most people can be able to afford the lifestyle in
The state of California has a very good environment to live in. Since California is known to have the
toughest environmental legislation, ensuring the protection of the environment. One of the measures
met is recycling and creating climate change awareness to curb the pollution made by humans, making
California a state that really thinks about the planet's future. Not forgetting, California has become a
model state in the fight against climate change.

California is among the top five best places to live. One of the reasons for this is California's location. It's
located near the shoreline. There is a highway built called the Pacific Coast Highway while going on a
drive-thru. One can take in all of California’s diverse natural beauties. Also, California is home to 9
national parks offering access to nature one does not need to drive so far to enjoy epic beauty no matter
the area you live in.
California is home to beautiful beach parks. Best hiking terrains make it a place where being outdoors is
quite favorable for everyone. Surfings, longboarding, and roller boarding all of these are different
recreational activities that are offered in California. California is also known for the best food scene. Los
Angeles and San Francisco are known as hubs with magnificent dining options offering a plethora of
Michelin star restaurants that offer different cheap eats to choose from. San Diego in California offers
great Hispanic cuisine, all thanks to the state's close proximity to Mexico. The food is not the only tasty
thing that California has to offer. They have good wine and plenty of it. There are more than 1,200
wineries in the state responsible for the production of the state's wine.
There is a very diverse religious community in California, with most of the population in California being
Catholic while others are Protestants, Buddhists, and Jewish, making California known for its religious
In the IT industry, California is the most powerful state. A total of 51.138 IT-related businesses are
located in the state. The information technology sector employs 7.2 percent of California's total
workforce. Application software development, system software developer, and computer system
analysis are some of the vocations in the IT business.
California is said to be the birthplace of America's IT industry. This was due to the fact that the first
microprocessors and microcomputers, among other technologies, were first developed there, and how
they have maintained their position is by quintessential innovative and entrepreneurial spirit California’s
IT industry is working towards the advancement of tomorrow's technology-enabled innovation and
generate growth for companies regardless of their size location all the markets being Served.
The IT industry in California contributes about 520 billion dollars out of all US tech businesses. California
has thousands of technology companies ranging from big corporations to start-up businesses. Most of
the IT businesses are located in Silicon Valley. California is known for being the center of innovation and
technological-based wealth. There is an eight-tech industry worldly known as Cisco, which hires IT
professional salespeople, security analysts, and product designers. The company offers internships,
apprenticeships, and development programs set for most graduates. Another IT company that
contributes to the IT industry in California is INTUIT, a technology company specializing in the design
development of financial software.
Agilent Technologies is another IT firm that focuses on six market platforms: food, environmental,
forensics, and pharmaceuticals. Those are examples of companies that have contributed to California,
known as an IT hub globally.

In conclusion, California is seen as the state that can provide a happy lifestyle to some people. The
reason that has attributed to this is the different opportunities that California provides for people
aiming for success and the opportunity to strike it rich. If one has the dream of a laid-back lifestyle, a
solid education, a healthy family, to be financially stable, and living in a good geographical location. The
place that offers this is California, and due to the year-round sunshine fame and diverse community, all
of these factors make California a good state to live in. There is no state that one can say is perfect, even
though California has many pros and cons. It has truly established itself as a very enabled state on its
own and has grown into becoming one of the best states with prosperity. And California is the only state
that is different from one end to another.

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